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Inside My Radio Review

Inside My Radio is a classic case of never judging a book by its cover. Everything about Inside My Radio screams that I should love this game. First off: I ...

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Toren Review (PC)

Toren is all about exploration, puzzle solving, and understanding the how and why of one's existence. But it's all been done better.

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Vertiginous Golf 2

Vertiginous Golf Review (PC)

Review written by contributor Ben Maguire  From Kinelco Ltd and Lone Elk Creative comes a steampunk-inspired adventure golf game, with a story of dystopia: Vertiginous Golf. At £14.99, it’s a ...

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Neon Struct Review (PC)

A shadow among the neon. The stealth genre has been interesting to keep up with for the last few years in gaming. The very term “stealth” is now a generalization ...

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The Last Word

The Last Word Review (PC)

The Last Word is an RPG with a unique concept; gone are conventional firearms, bladed weaponry, potions, and magic the genre has been long known for. Instead, The Last Word opts for ...

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M-100 Review 03

V-MODA M-100 Headset Review (PC)

I have been an Astro Gaming man since I got my pair of Astro A40s a few years ago. For various reviews, I’ve tried out higher-end versions of gaming headsets ...

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Not a hero

Not a Hero Review (PC)

Roll7’s Not a Hero is your big, dumb action flick. It intends to be a gruesome game with its best-run-driven gameplay and irrelevant comedy. But I can’t shake the feeling ...

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State of Decay: Year One Survival Edition Review (Xbox One)

When State of Decay was released on the Xbox 360 Arcade in 2013, I heard many good things before downloading it. Little did I know that I would fall in love ...

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How P.T.’s Demise Could Spell Doom for the Digital Future

It’s been a rough few months for Konami. Hideo Kojima and Metal Gear have gone separate ways, Silent Hills was unceremoniously whisked out of existence, and most recently, P.T. has ...

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Five Franchises That Deserve the Marvel vs. Capcom Treatment (And Why They’ll Never Happen)

In the history of fighting games, few franchises reach the fevered frenzy of the Marvel vs. Capcom series. The fast-paced and colorful combat coupled with its fighting game community roots make it ...

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Game Music Daily Week 61: Week of Sonic!

Welcome to Game Music Daily! Our regular rotation of soundtrack showcase looks at the 30+ years of great music! We prod the staff for their personal picks and savory songs ...

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The Port Report: Bastion (PS4)

Bastion is still a very, very cool game. And after approaching four years and a bevy of additional platforms, the intoxicating indie darling from Supergiant Games has finally made its way ...

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iZombie Feature

iZombie: Mr. Berserk Review (TV/Comics)

It’s exceedingly bizarre that iZombie has become the darkest and most unsettling of the shows I’ve reviewed. It’s even managed to surpass The Strain, which featured an episode set in a concentration ...

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The Flash: Fast Enough Review (TV/Comics)

Sometimes it’s important to take a step back and reexamine how things came to be the way they are. Here, at the end of The Flash season one it’s easily the best ...

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iZombie Feature

iZombie: Maternity Live Review (TV/Comics)

Here at episode seven iZombie has its first legitimately good episode. We’ve been clawing our way towards this point for a while now, but it’s still a very welcome change of pace. ...

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The Flash: The Trap Review (TV/Comics)

Fair warning: this is a big episode for the show. To a certain degree, that’s to be expected we’re nearing the edge of the standard TV cycle, so the shows ...

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Toren: First 30 Minutes

If you're not immediately in awe of Toren's enrapturing beauty, check your pulse, you may need to be resuscitated.

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Vertiginous Golf Multiplayer Preview

Vertiginous Golf has teed off on Humble and Steam, so assoc. editor Curtis Stone sat down with the reviewer to get some online multiplayer action in.

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Watch This! DLC Light Fall

Light Fall has the light fall upon it in this new Watch This! DLC video showcasing the latest preview build from Bishop Games.

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Watch This! DLC Dimension Drive [Preview Build]

Watch This! DLC takes to the galactic SHMUP genre for 2Awesome Studio's Dimension Drive on PC.

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Claymore Podcast Network


Front Towards Gamer Radio 276: More Live Fun and Games

The Twitch experiment continues, check out the live taping here on Quinn’s Twitter page. Watch live video from Soulibon09 on Twitch Anyway, no dice with Gigi because reasons unknown, so ...

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Screen Shot 2015-05-15 at 3.46.27 PM

PNB #44: #OreoLife

We’re down one Kayla this week, with Travis, Dylan, and Marco left to go off the rails quicker then ever. Race baiting, wrestlers who got the shaft, Paxamania, with appropriate ...

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Sacriel, DayZ Twitch Streamer: Front Towards Gamer Radio 275

After months of attempts, Shanghai Six was finally able to corner the elusive DayZ master sniper himself, Chris “Sacriel” Ball, for an interview! We discuss his rise to Twitch prominence, what a ...

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Front Towards Gamer Radio 274: Momo-Chan Still Loves You

Front Towards Gamer Radio’s live Twitch stream seems to be working out swimmingly and we’re making progress into turning it into a regular thing as opposed to a “test run” ...

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