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Westerado: Double Barreled Review (PC)

Disclaimer: Unfortunately, Westerado: Double Barreled had a bug that ate my save near the end of the game. I have decided not to replay the last five hours again and do ...

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Titan Souls Review (PC)

Too Small to Fail Coming out of E3 last year, Titan Souls was one of the most exciting things I had seen. Leading up to its release it was one ...

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Convoy Review (PC)

Scrounging around for parts in a post-apocalypse doesn’t sound very fun, engaging, or even original. We’ve been seeing games tackle subject matter like that for decades. Convoy doesn’t exactly breathe ...

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Tower of Guns Review (Xbox One)

Creator Joe Mirabello has referred to his game Tower of Guns as a “lunch break game” and it was released on PC last year to some generally positive feedback. Now the randomly-generated first-person shooter ...

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Woolfe: The Red Hood Diaries Review (PC)

Written by Contributor Robert Robinson This 2.5D action/adventure storyteller from GRIN arrives to show us an exciting new version of Little Red Riding Hood’s story. A Grimm Brothers tale retold with ...

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Etherium Review (PC)

Etherium is a Real Time Strategy game where you’re fighting for survival and dominance over the energy source etherium. Playing as one of three factions, you will establish bases, build ...

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Axiom Verge Review (PS4)

  “A good artist copies, a great artist steals.” Axiom Verge is a lot of things: a side-scrolling action platformer; a retro pixel art throw back; a sci-fi tale about ...

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Soldiers Inc Review (PC)

Soldiers Inc. is a free-to-play base building game. If that phrase alone doesn’t immediately turn you off, well, you’re a special breed of human being. Plarium’s Soldiers Inc. doesn’t do ...

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Game Music Daily Week 61: Week of Sonic!

Welcome to Game Music Daily! Our regular rotation of soundtrack showcase looks at the 30+ years of great music! We prod the staff for their personal picks and savory songs ...

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The Port Report: Bastion (PS4)

Bastion is still a very, very cool game. And after approaching four years and a bevy of additional platforms, the intoxicating indie darling from Supergiant Games has finally made its way ...

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Borderlands’ Best: The Top 6 Side-Missions in Borderlands 2

Despite the first Borderlands being a bit thin when it comes to creative side-missions, Borderlands 2 is the polar opposite: it’s overflowing with weird and bizarre side-missions to take care of, ranging from stealing ...

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Borderlands’ Best: The Top 6 Side-Missions in Borderlands

Hey, kiddos, do you want a week-long series of Borderlands “Top 6″ lists? Of course you do, strangely discussion-prone reader. I’ve been in talks with another resident Borderlands fan on our staff who really ...

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iZombie: Virtual Reality Bites Review (TV/Comics)

Well, I certainly wasn’t expecting this. If you haven’t been following these iZombie reviews, here’s the low down. The show is about Olivia Moore, who is a zombie. Luckily for Liv, in ...

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Gotham: Under The Knife Review (TV/Comics)

Last week Gotham kicked off a couple of various plot lines to lead us into the season finale in a few weeks. Main hero Jim Gordon took up the case of Gotham ...

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Monster Motors: The Curse of Minivan Helsing #2 Review (Comics)

Well, that’s another unintended review trilogy completed. This time, the theme is Frankenstein. Monster Motors was prestige one-shot that I never got around to reviewing last year but still enjoyed nonetheless. It was a simple story, but ...

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iZombie Feature

iZombie: Flight of the Living Dead Review (TV/Comics)

I didn’t hate it! I realize it’s incredibly sad to count that statement as a winning quality, though given the higher-ups slotted iZombie to run all the way to June, I’m ...

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Grand Theft Auto V: First 30 Minutes

Grand Theft Auto V has finally hit PC, so naturally, we show off its First 30 Minutes!

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Guns, Gore And Cannoli: First 30 Minutes

Guns, Gore & Cannoli from @CrazyMonkeyStu is coming April 30th! Here's the first 30 minutes of zombie-blasting fun.

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Watch This! DLC Mario Party 10

Watch This! DLC has gathered the red cups, set out the alcohol, and readied themselves for Mario Party 10! Join Deb, Luke, and Curtis as they tour the latest entry in the long-running "board game simulator".

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Bloodborne Refuse Ending

Bloodborne: FTG End Game Theater: Refuse Ending

Upon defeating Gerhman, our hunter is visited by a strange being.

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Claymore Podcast Network

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Ray Narvaez Jr, Rooster Teeth Alum: Front Towards Gamer Radio 271

Ray Narvaez had finally had enough of playing Grand Theft Auto and Minecraft on Rooster Teeth Achievement Hunter Let’s Plays and pushed away from the what most would say would ...

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PNB #43: Shulkamania Runnin’ Wild

This episode of PNB has really got it all. Neckbeards, wrestling, Mother 3, Bloodborne, even a bit of a book club. Follow Us On Twitter: Dylan Tierney, Marco Villalpando, Travis Foster, Chris Antista Opening ...

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Front Towards Gamer Radio 270: The Inedible Quinn Sullivan

The gang is all here and we’re talking all about them STAR WARZ. Quinn comes back and not only gets us a detailed report on Star Wars Celebration, but gets ...

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Running Riot Radio

Running Riot Radio Ep. 15: Prosthetics

On this week’s Running Riot Radio, Brandon and Derrick talk about what we think the story will be like in Black Ops III, some Gears Of War news and our ...

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