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tales from the borderlands

Tales from the Borderlands Episode 2: Atlas Mugged Review (PC)

There Will be Spoilers Would you look at that? Four months later, Tales from the Borderlands is back to remind us that it still exists. Telltale’s on a snail’s pace ...

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Hotline Miami 2

Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number Review (PC)

I Liked Hurting People One thing that made the first Hotline Miami so fun was that it was an exciting action game the likes of which I had never been ...

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LA Cops 004

LA Cops Review (PC)

When you have a surprise hit making its way around the indie scene like Hotline Miami, there are going to be  teams that try to emulate that success. LA Cops ...

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Ori and the Blind Forest Review (Xbox One)

There are many games that are created to be love letters to the genre that they embody. While Ori and the Blind Forest may be one of them, it stands ...

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Tormentum head

Tormentum: Dark Sorrow Review (PC)

Hellscape: Torment There’s a reason painting has been considering one of the highest forms of fine art for centuries now. A truly tlaented hand can bring to life landscapes and ...

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hot tin roof,the cat who wore a fedora,pc,steam,ftg,front towards gamer,htr

Hot Tin Roof: The Cat Who Wore A Fedora Review (PC)

Nine lives up. Hot Tin Roof: The Cat Who Wore A Fedora is so close to being a great game. The world it constructs is charmingly odd, its mechanics well-designed ...

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Homeworld Remastered Review (PC)

Disclaimer: I was unable to finish the main story in Homeworld 1 Remastered and played the first two missions of Homeworld 2. I also only had about 10 minutes of ...

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total war atilla

Total War: Attila Review (PC)

Total War: Attila is the newest edition in the long running Total War series, this time taking the setting to the migration period of Europe from 390-450 AD. With the ...

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Game Music Daily Week 60: Portal, Sonic the Hedgehog, The Legend of Zelda, Hotline Miami, Super Smash Bros., Resident Evil, Payday

Welcome to Game Music Daily! Our regular rotation of soundtrack showcase looks at the 30+ years of great music! We prod the staff for their personal picks and savory songs ...

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Pokemon and the Future

When it comes to Pokemon, Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire did a great job of remixing the established region of Hoenn, just one year after showcasing the Pokemon world in ...

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Game Music Daily Week 59: Ratchet & Clank, Kingdom Hearts, Chrono Cross, Hotline Miami, Mortal Kombat, The Maw

Welcome to Game Music Daily! Our regular rotation of soundtrack showcase looks at the 30+ years of great music! We prod the staff for their personal picks and savory songs ...

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Screen Shot 2015-03-14 at 4.39.45 PM

Why I’m Nervous About Mortal Kombat X

NetherRealm Studios proved they had what it took to get Mortal Kombat back on track with 2011’s reboot. The game was a love-letter to the original trilogy, and had a ...

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The Flash: Rogue Time Review (TV/Comics)

Hey, two steps forward one step back right? This week’s episode of The Flash is a direct follow-up to last week’s ‘Out of Time,’ which means this review will contain mild spoilers. At the ...

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iZombie: Brother, Can You Spare A Brain? Review (TV/Comics)

iZombie is a TV show based on a comic book which is why I’m reviewing it. On the show, Liv is a zombie; there was truth in the advertising in this case. The ...

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The Fly: Outbreak #1 Review

The Fly is one of those movies everyone is at least passively familiar with understanding. Despite not seeing the film, chances are you can identify the famous monster and have experienced ...

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Frankenstein Underground #1 Review

Seems like there’s been a lot of Frankenstein on my plate lately. This week’s installment comes to us courtesy of Mike Mignola, creator of Hellboy and a vast universe of comics reviewed by Front Towards Gamer ...

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Telltales Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones: FTG Let’s Play Part 9

Its a heated situation when Asher meets Daenerys’ pet. Gared becomes a big boy on the wall and learns about a secret magical forest that will save the Forrester family ...

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Watch This! DLC, Watch This!, David., FermenterGames, Steam, Let's Play, Youtube,

Watch This! DLC David.

Watch This DLC's Deb and Luke surprise Curtis with a new game, dedicated to his boyfriend: David. Join in the wackiness, but stick around for the discussion of 'Dear White People'.

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Oceanhorn Monster of Uncharted Seas, Oceanhorn, Cornfox & Brothers, FDG Entertainment Jukka Viljamaa, Antti Viljamaa, Heikki Repo, Tim Wiren, Erik Hakala,

Oceanhorn Monster of Uncharted Seas: First 30 Minutes

Oceanhorn rises from the iOS depths and launches on PC. Have a look at its first 30 minutes.

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Hot Tin Roof Glass Bottom Games

Hot Tin Roof: FTG Let’s Play

Join us in the crazy Hot Tin Roof. This cubic stylized detective thriller is wrapped up in a 2d/3d metroidvania world. Check out our review of Hot Tin Roof, a ...

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Claymore Podcast Network

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Front Towards Gamer Radio 264: Monthly Dub-scription Fee

Another week of no Gigi, replaced by FTGR audio editor Brandon Parker who goes by the handle…Ail…eronsalrison. Aileron. Aa-yel-ryon. Damnit. Anyway, he’s also on Front Towards Gamer’s shooter podcast, Running ...

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Running Riot Radio

Running Riot Radio #13: Where It Got Started

On this week’s Running Riot Radio, Derrick and Brandon dive deep in the archives to find out how Scott’s Destiny addiction got started. This is a little off-the-cuff as far ...

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PNB Episode 41: The Male Booty Returns

Laser Time’s Chris Antista decided to visit PNB once again. Listen as we talk up Devil May Cry, Monster Hunter, the necessity of reviews, videos, podcasts and more. And hey, why not ...

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phil robb evolve

Phil Robb, Co-Founder Turtle Rock Studios: Front Towards Gamer Radio 263

Shanghai Six sits down with Phil Robb, the co-founder of Turtle Rock Studios (Left 4 Dead, Evolve) to discuss the history of the studio, the jump from Valve following the ...

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