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As first timer to the Skate series, or maybe you’re just having some problems getting those extra points in best trick contests? Del and I will help you out with some tips on what to do and others on what not to do when trying to skate.  It’s going to be sick! Enjoy.

When you are learning something new, it can be really useful to have help from those who know how. Skate 3 is a blast, and after you read through our hint guide, you’re going to love getting back out the skate park to try out these tricks!

Let’s start with what to do, apart from bringing a helmet and kneepads, oh wait those aren’t “in” anymore? Crap.

First, basic tips:

  • Something very basic, before doing an ollie, leave yourself plenty of time to squat down on your board before pulling up quickly, this will help you go higher for longer.
  • Remember when mongo pushing instead of hammering A or X (X or ) just hold the button down, not only will it make each push more powerful but it’ll also save you contracting Arthritis.
  • When trying to get air off of quarter pipes, push down on the right stick slightly as you hit the start of the curve and release before you get to the top, do this a couple of times and you’ll be flying.
  • If you find yourself not quite gapping some stairs, just do a footplant. Either do it in the air and hold it down or time it for when you land. When skater’s foot touches the ground and he’ll push up, helping you make that extra distant.
  • Use the session markers.  There is nothing worse than losing a sick spot simply because you skated too far away from it.
  • If you bought the game new and have the ability to upload footage (like everyone should be able to do regardless), don’t be shy about uploading videos, parks, and photos.  You will get royalties for having people look at your stuff, like youtube but with an actual reward other than an inflated net ego.
  • Don’t neglect the nollie, it is just the reverse of an ollie so it can be used just as much, however it will count as a different set of tricks.
  • Try to kill early activities instead of simply owning them and do not be afraid to play them online.   The extra board sales you get may seem small, but they add up.

Now let’s talk about how to maximize those points:

  • The key to getting huge points is keeping your line going, do this by bridging the gap between tricks with something simple like a manual. This won’t score huge but will prevent you from losing your multiplier.
  • There are also many simple tricks that will earn you loads of points like multiple kick or heel flips. If you’ve got some good air after flicking up, keep the stick there and your skater will let your board spin up to four times. It’ll bag you a ton of points without going to the trouble of doing an “FS laser 360 pop shuvit x2”
  • A tip for jam sessions or those horrible, “Get 10,000 points in 3 minutes” challenges: try to avoid resetting. This, not surprisingly, resets everything including your multiplier.  You’ll gain far more by taking your time and building up a 3x multiplier than getting 400 points from a grind again and again.
  • If you’re having troubles starting a multiplier try dropping in from a great height. Just dropping in off the mega ramp or the huge ramp in the quarry will get your multiplier going, earning you way more for the triple back flip you could pull off when you take off from the ramp.
  • There is no cheap trick in Skate 3, if you have to grind down a mile of a sidewalk curb to get 10,000 point for your Blaow! achievement/trophy so be it.
  • Land clean as much as possible, a sketchy landing will take points away.

Now that we’ve gone over some of what you should do, let have a look at what you shouldn’t do:

  • Never neglect to look at how you will land; it should always be down a sloped surface, facing towards the direction you’re flying in. There is no point pulling off some amazing 3000 point trick if you land with your front facing towards the direction you were traveling in, this will always result in a nasty faceplant and no points.
  • One of the most embarrassing things you can ever do in skate is failing a hippie jump. Never, ever rush a hippie jump, you will almost always fail. Make sure you’ve prepped your skater and know when you’re going to leave your board; otherwise face defeat at the hands of a metal pipe.
  • Be very, very careful around those old ladies who aren’t too fond of skaters. Hit them and they have a surprise for you; no it isn’t a boiled sweet, it’s a taser, ZAP!
  • While making a skate park, don’t crowd it.  There is nothing worse then a bunch of sick set pieces that no one can skate clean because you jammed the park with everything you could think of.  Try and stick to a theme.
  • When playing online, don’t be a jerk.  No one likes getting a line interrupted just because you had to trick the same spot they are already grinding on, and you battered corpse gets stuck on the rail because you cant hit the grind. *cough* Nico *cough*

So there you go, a few top tips for all you Skate fans out there, hope you enjoy and make sure to send us the link to any cool videos shot using some of our tips. If you think we missed anything leave a comment and we’ll take a look at it.

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    Ay, you must admit I did end up hitting some GREAT lines!