Shanghai Six interviews senior developer Larry Liberty from Obsidian Entertainment, the folks bringing us Fallout: New Vegas. We discuss how funny schizophrenic super mutant radio DJs are, whether or not Wayne Newton will be the voice of “Mr. New Vegas” (15 minute mark, I absolutely now believe it to be true), and have an uncomfortable conversation about that whole Alpha Protocol mess!

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Well, we now have a volunteer force heading to Eurogamer in London in a few months lead by DingleDoDie77 and Puredarkness.  What does this mean for the rest of you?  That means we have to push the production of the first run of FTG t-shirts up so that we may gird our European heroes in FTG shirts!  We’re still hammering out the details; I’ve got WACSOG commander Fir3truck putting in the paces and doing price comparisons for us right now!  As soon as we get some solid answers, you guys will be the first to know our plans for shirts!

  • Iyield2no1

    Great Interview S6! It's good that we got such an early exclusive! The only problem with the Episode was sometimes Larry's voice was cutting in & out! But otherwise a very good Episode!

    Great news about the T-Shirts! I for one will be interested in getting one! Also we may want to do Dogtags! :)

    • Shanghai Six

      Yeah, I'm aware the audio isn't the best. Larry's audio was coming in VERY quietly, so I had to go back through and amplify each line he spoke. Painful. Guess it's time to buy a REAL Skype recorder.

  • dingledodie77

    I recommend NCH software. I've got Wavepad, that should do the trick.

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  • Jimmy

    If you are as 'massive' a fan as you claim… Shouldn't you have already known what geckos are? Or what the presidents name was?

    • rEESE

      He probably asked for those who haven't played the others.

      • jimmy

        if you listen to the interview… he says he doesn't know the prez name, and thinks the geckos are little lizards running around on the rocks.

  • groove

    as for me I record Skype with IMCapture for Skype (