Top row, L to R: Wonder Russell (PR for Runic Games), Jason Varden (PR for Perfect World), Mike Fisher (2D Artist) Matt Tanwanteng (Engineer), Patrick Blank (Lead Level Designer), Peter Hu (Lead Engineer and Founder) Bottom row, L to R: Travis Baldree (President of Runic Games, Project Director) Brock Jones (Producer) Jason Lamb (QA)

Shanghai Six sits down with what seems to be the entire leadership staff at Runic Games, the team that brought the micro pricepoint hack and slash PC darling, Torchlight, and are back to announce the sequel! The team includes Runic Games CEO Max Schafer, President and Project Director Travis Baldree, Lead Artist Jason Beck and waiting quietly in the wings making sure no one talks out of turn is public relations super ninja Wonder Russell!

For intro/outro, Shanghai gives Nico a hard time about his newly-fueled Warcraft addiction and they try to figure out just what in the hell all this Scott Pilgrim noise is all about.

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Hosts: Stephen “Shanghai Six” Machuga (@shanghaisix) and Brandon “Nico” Becher (@bbecher)
Intro Music: Bulls of Parade (chiptune) by Dakota Clark
Runic Games’ homepage for both Torchlight and Torchlight 2

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  • jamesL

    Just heard the interview, really liked it. The interviewer really knew about the game.

    skip to 10:20


    Awesme job S6, keep up the good work. We're moving on Up.

  • hawkn

    Actually Shotgungames beat you guys to it. Anyways, yeah this game is going to be amazing. And wonder had a singing hairbrush in the game.

  • LiberalTugboat


    I just finished listening to this episode (my first episode of FTG)…

    And i'm like totally semi famous now!!


    YAY ME!

    BTW, really good interview. I totally dug the podcast and am going to start listening to the backlog!

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