Twelve hours is all you have to build a bike from spare parts, get some Zombrex for your daughter, and rescue ten (count them, TEN) people from being mauled by zombies in Still Creek.  That’s a pretty tall order…here’s a walkthrough to help you get the hell out of Dodge and a whole boatload of achievement points in the process!

Get Zombrex for Katie:

Easy. Exit the garage sanctuary and run.  It takes approximately 20 minutes of game time to run from one end of Still Creek to the other.  Keep running along that main drag, weaving in and out of the zombie traffic until you get to the quarantine boundary.  A cutscene will pop, showing you that the checkpoint has been overrun.  Run into the camp over to the ambulance, open the back door, which will pop another cutscene of Chuck salvaging some Zombrex.

While he’s there, he finds the core for the bike, which he puts in a dumpster.  Immediately take the dumpster and race back to the garage, running over zombies as you go (too bad Chuck can’t run this quickly normally!).  If you play your cards right, you’ve spent just under an hour of in-game time to get the bike frame and get Katie’s Zombrex.  Now is a good point to save the game, leaving you eleven hours of game time to dink around in Still Creek.

Repairing the Bike:

Some easy pieces, some more difficult.

  1. Wheel: after you come out from getting the Zombrex and pushing the cart back to the garage, you’ll come out and see Dick standing on a truck surrounded by zombies.  Kill them all, jump on the hood and talk with him.  As soon as the coast is clear, escort him back to his pawn shop, and you’ll see the wheel in his pawn shop for $5000.  I just saved your life and you’re charging me five grand for a tire?  Thanks, “Dick”.
  2. Gas can: guess where the gas can is at?  At the gas station.  Just look for the bright red gas can.  Simple.
  3. Engine: Check in the alley behind the movie theater.
  4. Fork: A little tricky.  If you buy the “hint” from Dick (thanks again, Dick),he tells you that a key for a maintenance shed is at the hotel.  So, you run into the hotel and bang around the lobby until you want to throw the controller.  The second floor is boarded up and impossible to enter.  The marker on the map shows your objective is there…so where the hell is the key?  Go around to the back of the hotel, where you can climb on to the dumpster, jump to the ladder and climb to the second floor.  The key is on the second floor in the last room on the right.  Climb back down and run over to the locked shed across the street to claim your bike’s fork.
  5. Handlebars: Last but certainly the most annoying, the handlebars.  Around 4PM in game, Jason and Archie, a pair of survivors will be behind the department store parking lot in siege mode.  Help them defeat the wave of zombies around them.  Jason is using the pair of handlebars as a weapon, but won’t trade out unless you get him a broadsword to replace it.  That’s right, a broadsword. Broadswords are over at the hunting store (because when I think hunting…), but the door is locked.  You have to climb up on the roof where survivor Bob is taking pot shots at zombies with his rifle.  Once you’re on that roof, work back towards the hotel.  Before you jump back to the hotel stairs, turn across the back alley to see you can jump across the alley to the other set of buildings on top of a generator.  Leap across the buildings, then scurry along the roof to the roof of the hunting store, where you can drop into the store and unlock the door from the inside.  Grab the broadsword from the rack, run back to Jason and take your handlebars from him.

Next page: find all ten survivors, how to defeat psychopath Zed, as well as some leveling techniques!

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  • DrAzIaL

    Just got done my playthrough, this game sure is stressful. I'd messed up too much in attempting to get the bike pieces together so as the sun started dipping below the horizon I turned chuck into a psychopath, no time to grab the broadsword I had to kill the two to take the handlebars. Got the girl out in the end though it felt like a hollow victory for what I'd done mind you.

  • SWST

    Thanks for the walkthrough man, very helpful. I was trying to do everything at once and kept losing time. *One more thing players should know is if you fail the game you just keep going after it asks you to save and you keep your current level/money :)

    P.s I can buy Katie like four zombrex shots lol

  • Ian

    The last survivor female will not spawn until you talk to her father on the roof. Be up there at 7pm when the sun changes or you wont have time.

    But I spent ages camping the hunting store and couldn't figure why she didn't appear.You need to talk to him first