Battlefield: Medal of Duty, is the new shooter coming out from EA. No, I’m making that up. It’s just called Medal of Honor, but I can’t help the feeling that this has all been done before. Playing the game feels like I’m playing a match of Bad Company 2, and add to that a system of perks with persistent leveling borrowed from that other shooter game out there, and you have a game that lacks anything original to make it stand out from the crowd.

The lack of destructible environments is terribly missed. It’s just too close to Bad Company 2 to NOT have the same features that game has.

I experienced the game crashing on me, just like Bad Company 2 does. So, if you have issues keeping Bad Company 2 up, you’ll probably have the same issues with Medal of Honor.

Don’t get me wrong, the game is fine. The shooting feels great, the graphics look amazing (exactly like Bad Company 2), and the leveling stuff all looks like it will keep people playing it for a few months. I just don’t know why anyone who loves Bad Company 2 or Call of Duty should buy this game. Maybe you just can’t get enough of shooters? Or, perhaps you just love EA and you want to help them have bigger Christmas bonuses?

I don’t get it, I’m not gonna get the game (unless EA sends me a copy, in which case, this will be the best game ever!), and I don’t see the need or reason for anyone to pick this up. Unless of course, you have never played Bad Company 2 or Call of Duty. If that’s the case, you need to climb out from what ever rock you’ve been hiding under and pick up Medal of Honor on October 12th for PC, or one of those console thingies that the kids play on these days.

The open beta is currently available off Steam until the 7th, so you have nothing to lose trying it out.

Just as a quick end note, the original Medal of Honor was the first shooter that I played and I rather enjoyed my time playing it. Am I the only one who would like another good WWII shooter?

Here are some screenshots for all eight of you who are interested in this game:

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    Generic rehash of a generic rehash of a generic rehash of a shit franchise.

    I like where this is going.