I recently threatened to delete every single bit of data tied to my brother’s gamertag. “Why?” you ask. I’ll tell you why. He was turning his Black Ops emblem into a swastika. Perhaps I was being extreme in my threat, but I was serious. I may joke around a lot (we’re rarely serious on Gametwerp), but I take racism/hate speech/etc very seriously.

So that brings me to my point: What is it about video games that turns people into racists? It seems that I’m a “Jew” every time I get killed, and I’m a “n****r” every time I make a kill.

This is wrong, people! First of all, I guarantee that almost nobody would trash talk that same person in real life. I have quite a few ex-military friends who play Call of Duty or Halo (our very own Shanghai Six being one of them). Would you call a Marine a racial slur to his face? I didn’t think so.

Second, we need to stop pretending that the trash talk is only prevalent with younger kids (who shouldn’t own the games in the first place, but that’s another rant…). These phrases come out of the mouths of many teenagers, college students, and adults. Regardless of where it comes from, it’s wrong.

So why do people do it? The answer is simple: internet anonymity. People feel safe yelling these things over the internet; they know they’re not in any danger. But that doesn’t change the fact that what they’re doing is wrong.

I may trash talk, but I never use racial slurs. They’re disgusting. You’re right; if you call me something hateful, I won’t be able to do anything back. I don’t know where you live. …but someone does, and hopefully that someone will beat the crap out of you for saying stuff like that. You deserve it.

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    I completely agree Pope and it disgusts me too. So until they Sony and Microsoft can filter out all the bad stuff here's my tip for avoiding this as much as possible. Every time you get into a match mute everybody but your friends. With some games where you can't mute everybody just turn the volume down. Hope this helps!