Front Towards Gamer’s charity branch, Operation Supply Drop, scores its first flawless victory with Codename Fire Starter!  Here are some pictures of troops playing the video games we sent them in our first care package!

But first, a little thank you letter from Geoff, the person the first care package went to (For security purposes, all individuals involved have had name, rank, unit affiliation and any other sensitive information scrubbed out of their pictures and thank you notes; sorry)!




I am the Targeting Chief of XXXXX XXXXX currently serving overseas in Iraq. We recently recieved the Care Package you sent and words can not describe the amount of joy you have brought a large group of overworked Soldiers. We are entering Month ten of our deployment and were going into the holidays when the package arrived. Mail is such a huge deal when you are away from your loved ones especially during the holiday season. I work with about 30 soldiers all of us varing ages and experience the one common factor is that all of us game like most soldiers and people our age around the world. The package came and made a serious difference in our holiday experience every saturday night after work the soldiers get together out here and we put on a huge game night normally going about 4 to 5 hours. We have built a make shift screen and use two projectors we lets say borrowed from work. We project two different multi-player games and have head to head competition over some cigars and sodas. The soldiers and I can really leave Iraq for those hours just having fun and not really worrying about what the day has brought and what may come tomorrow. I and the Soldiers of XXXXX XXXX truely thank all of you at FTG and truely want you to know you have made a group of soldiers holiday season. We may have not been able to be with our families but our family out here sure had a good time. It makes us truely proud to do what we do so great people like you can continue to do what you do.

Thank you very much:


In addition, Geoff was nice enough to send us some pictures of him and his guys blowing off steam.  Take a look below, but remember to toss a dollar or two at the Chipin widget here on our page (Codename: Snowball Fight)  to help us continue to build these care packages for troops overseas!

  • Toasters

    It's great when you see things like this happen, it's good to see them blow off some steam doing what everyone here loves doing, playing video games with your best friends.

  • http://Website KalebKJC94

    Makes me so happy to see something like this come together in a short period of time.Those guys look so happy and carefree. Wish more people would realize there guys aren't always stone cold and ready. Letting go and taking a break is always good

  • http://Website Skyliner

    Ah! This is great to see the fruit of your work. The guys look just like my buddies here at home, kickin' back and playing some games. Hope they get some fun and stay safe.

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