The gaming quiz is back! I’ve compiled another 10 questions for you to peruse. Take a look at each question and check your answers on the next page!

1. Sci-fi series are perfect grounds for online MMO’s. Which of these series has never put out an MMO?

A. Star Wars

B. Stargate

C. Star Trek

D. Farscape

2. Donkey Kong 64 was one of the Nintendo 64’s best platformers. Which of these environments was not used a setting for a level?

A. A circus

B. An Aztec temple

C. A jungle

D. A factory

3. The Elder Scrolls series is known for its sprawling worlds. Which of these games featured the largest in-game world?

A. Elder Scrolls: Arena

B. Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall

C. Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind

D. Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

4. While we’re on the subject of Bethesda’s RPG’s, which of these characters from Fallout: New Vegas was voiced by the former Friends star, Matthew Perry?

A. Benny Gecko

B. Mr. House

C. Yes Man

D. Caesar

5. It’s becoming a trend to release trilogies of games in one bundle. Which of these series has yet to receive this treatment?

A. Splinter Cell

B. Prince of Persia

C. Crash Bandicoot

D. Tomb Raider

6. We all liked Pokemon at one point (don’t pretend you never did). Which of these Pokemon was not available in the original Blue, Red, and Yellow versions?

A. Raiku

B. Zubat

C. Cubone

D. Diglett

7. Speaking of Japanese anime/manga/gaming/whatever, which of these Shonen Jump series has never received the video game treatment?

A. One Piece

B. Toriko

C. Bleach

D. Hunter x Hunter

8. OK, Final Fantasy fans, this one’s for you. Which of these characters has never received their own spin-off game?

A. Vincent Valentine

B. Zack Fair

C. The Turks

D. The Moogles

9. Was that last one little tough for you? Try this instead: which of these characters did not make an appearance in Dissidia: Final Fantasy?

A. Kefka

B. Jecht

C. Lightning

D. Shantotto

10. Each of the Sly Cooper games had the player venturing through various countries. Which of these countries has not yet been used as an in-game environment?

A. China

B. Canada

C. Mexico

D. Holland

Answers are on the next page!

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  • http://Website Skyliner

    Auuugh. I didn't do good at all. I like this segment, though! I had no idea the voice cast for New Vegas included so many Hollywood bigshots.