Pope missed another episode this week, but never fear – we had a guest! Our former cohost AcesHigh rejoined the crew forĀ a romp through video game land. Meanwhile, Heyfling and iyield2no1 argued Voltron versus Power Rangers. Enjoy!

- Intros

- Bizarre Creations Closes

- Voltron Game Announced

- Batman Arkham City News

- Shout-outs

- Gag Reel

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  • http://Website JATOSIN

    Super Sentai is a genre of series not an actual series, it basically means "Fighting Squadron" There are many Super Sentai series with the first being Kamen Riders in 1975 while power rangers is a Super Sentai series Voltron is not. It is based loosely on the Super Sentai Formula, which causes Voltron to be called a Sentai series. The fact that it is not live action takes Voltron out of the Super Sentai genre. Ok carry on this is just my nerd showing itself again.

    • http://Website heyfling

      Actually, it is a series of shows produced by Toei, which could then be classified as a sub-genre within the tokusatsu genre.

      • http://Website JATOSIN

        Well I have never heard or seen that particular series which doesn't mean it doesn't exsist but my argument still stands that Voltron is not a Sentai or Tokusatsu series but an Anime that uses a similar formula of a Sentai Series even the Wiki you produced confirms that.

        The term sentai is also occasionally used to describe shows with similar premises, such as Voltron, or even the magical girl team in Sailor Moon, as Naoko Takeuchi deliberately used Sentai ideas.[1] In 2003, Sailor Moon was retold in a fashion somewhat similar to Sentai shows in the form of Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon. While not officially Sentai, some fans of the genre have accepted it as such.

        Voltron is my favorite Anime, granted it has not aged well but it absolutely erks me that people put it in the same catagory as Power Rangers a cheese ball kids show. Many westerners have never seen the true Voltron. The japanese version of GO Lion is a Lot better.

  • http://Website JATOSIN

    One more thing Voltron is the American or Western Name, the Japanesse called it "Go Lion" Released in 1981.

  • http://Website TheBrain76

    Holy cow Yield was right?! Apocalypse confirmed. LOL