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Operation Supply Drop’s PLASMA CUTTER: Square Enix Joins the Fight!

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PLASMA CUTTER, our fourth care package, has a series of DS and PSP titles attached to them, and if you’re familiar with the handhelds at all, you know they are big role playing game machines.  And let’s face, when you think role playing games, Square Enix has to be somewhere near the top of your mind.

Usually, when I give my elevator pitch to video game publishers, telling them about the Operation Supply Drop charity, showing them pictures of the guys we’re requesting games for and the wish list of titles they’d like, it’s an email battle.  Email after email gets sent; even trying to get a response from some companies at all is tough.  Much like using a battering ram against a castle gate until someone finally dumps a cauldron of boiling oil over me, usually I spend weeks upon weeks of fruitless bashing my head against my keyboard .

Not Square Enix though.  I had barely pushed the “send” button on the email requesting some titles from their library to fill out the request when there was a knock at the door and three PSP titles were waiting for me, overnighted from Square Enix.

Now that’s what I call service!  So big ups to the folks over at Square Enix US for hooking up Albyn and his infantry platoon with blazing speed!