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You have to admit, the Playstation Vita’s price point of $249 is pretty tempting, but remember, it’s not only the hardware you have to think about, how much will the games themselves cost?

A lot of people were worried about the price point of Vita, especially considering Sony’s track record with hardware prices, but it is fair to say that Sony has struck the sweet spot with $249 for the WiFi model and $299 for the 3G model. It was quite clear that they were gunning for Nintendo’s 3DS which also released for $249, but will they follow through with software prices?

You have to remember that platform holders make more money on software, and gamers spend more money on software, so getting the price right is essential to success. So, now we ask the question: how much will PS Vita games cost?

The most likely answer is that the RRP will be somewhere in the region of $40, alongside the 3DS. This would follow suit with the pricing strategy of matching what Nintendo is doing, and hoping that consumers will believe that they have the superior product to take sales away from Nintendo. It does sound a little steep, and is; a $10 increase on the RRP of current PSP games, but from the looks of the titles on show, such as Uncharted: Golden Abyss, perhaps the games will worth it.

Then again they could try to undercut Nintendo, instead keeping the RRP steady at $30, really making even casual gamers question whether or not the 3DS is worth it. Think about a game store: 3DS titles on one side, PS Vita titles on the other. One side has $40 signs everywhere, another has $30 signs across the shelves; now unless you’re really into 3D tech, it’s pretty clear the decision that you would make.

All this of course is speculation, but with the release of Vita coming this Holiday Season, we may hear much more soon.

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    well, games on Apple appstore are 10 (ten) times lower …. There is a non-fight for price. If you like PS exclusive, dual stil control and a huge 5 inch screen PS Vita is far superior to iPod Touch but it's not for occasional gamers

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