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"I swear, officer, I have glaucoma!"

Video games are fun, right? That’s why we play them, and that’s why some of us write about them. There are some titles out there that can made even more fun by using certain “herbal supplments.”

Here to break down the list of these titles is my good friend Steven.

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Steven is an "alternative thinker." *

10. Audiosurf


Steven: “Holy sh*t man, this is some good music. Wait… DUDE, WHY ARE ALL THESE SQUARES FLYING AT ME!?!? AAUUGGHH!”

9. Spore Creature Creator


Steven: “Dude, you know what would be funny? A monkey with TWO BUTTS! Wait, someone already did that? F*cking evolution, man…”

8. Patapon


Steven: “Those are some freaky natives, man. They’re like…giant eyes with spears… Hey, do you wanna – HOLY SH*T WHAT IS THAT GIANT WORM THING!?!? RUN, GIANT EYEBALLS, RUN!”

7. Pac-Man Championship Edition


Steven: “Hey, I know that guy! It’s Pac-Man! Go Pac-Man, go Pac-Man, it’s your birthday…”

6. Katamari Damacy


Steven: “What’s with the goatee guy? Whatever…wait, why am I rolling around a giant hacky-sack? Was that an elephant…?”

5. Child of Eden


Steven: “So I was at PAX, right? And this guy was like, ‘Dude, come play this game.’ So I was like, ‘OK.’ And then I moved my hands and shot some stuff, and then I flew through some tunnels. It was f*cking crazy, man…”

4. Rez


Steven: “I like this tune… Wait, what’s that thing? Why is it flying at me? WHAT IS GOING ON HERE!?!? Oh, right…it’s Rez. This game sucks, bro.”

3. Space Giraffe


Steven: “So…I’m a giraffe in space? I don’t get it… Wait, where is my character? Is this a note chart? This game is weird, dude…”

2. Noby Noby Boy


Steven: “What…the…f*ck…?”

1. Bangai-O HD Missile Fury


Steven: “MY EYES!!!” *passes out*

Credit to Gamespot, Gamehelper, eyyojung, bluedisk, ROBmayth, shinshaobaka, joshyleearm, SchruteFarms69, silsil3, and Scinod for the videos.

*He is also not real.

  • TheStonedSheep

    Haha, great article, I especially love Steven.

  • What about polybius? lol

  • Clearly not written by anyone who actually smokes weed, evidenced by the greatly exaggerated personality of the "stoner friend." No reasons for why the games are great to play high or any real substance to the article other than "This game has pretty colors and/or a strange concept."

    • Ray

      Yeah this was kind of stupid. The best games to play high (IMO) would be stuff like the GTA series, where you can run around and do anything. Their great on shrooms too (very few other games are tho). But all games are great to play high. Maybe you should of did a article on drinking games, you might of got that one right.