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Operation Supply Drop’s GREASE GUN: Target Acquired!

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Coming off code name LITTLE HAMMER from last week, it’s time to announce our next video game care package for troops deployed to Iraq or Afghanistan!  Code name GREASE GUN is named in honor of the good folks over at Rockstar throwing their weight behind the last few care packages.  The “Grease Gun” was the nickname of the M3 submachine gun, a weapon designed to replace the .45 Thompson towards the end of World War 2…right around the time frame that L.A. Noire takes place in!

For the first time since our very first care package (code name FIRE STARTER), we’ve got guys actually requesting Wii games!  I know, shocking…and what an odd list…Cake Mania?

Anyway, while the list is weird, the story behind the list is awesome.  Mike, a soldier being rotated back to the States to start outprocessing out of the Army to become a civilian (he’s ETS-ing, for those of you that habla).  As his little gift to his unit on his way out the door, instead of just giving Iraq the finger and skedaddling to the “rear with the gear”, he decided to poll his folks for one of our care packages!  Pretty nice of the guy.  The actual point of contact down range is named Hugo.  Here we go!

I am happy to report that I will no longer be in Iraq when this care package arrives.  I am ETSing the Army and get out officially on Oct. 29th.  I am going to give you the email of one of the guys in our section who will be in Iraq the whole time.  I have a couple of pictures of our section we took from the people who wished to participate.  Although we were unable to get everyone who participated in the pictures as we have many people working different shifts we greatly appreciate your program and look forward to hearing from you and receiving our sections care package.  Thank you, the organizations, and people that donate to your program.  This is a great program and our section is very excited about it.  The name of the soldier I am putting you in touch with is XXXXX Hugo XXXXX.  He is in the back middle of the picture with the big flag, and on the right bottom on the picture outside of XXXXXXXXXXX in Iraq,  I am on the far left in both pictures.  I have also included pictures of us in a sandstorm.  Again, thank  you for all you do!

Wii Games:
Samurai Warriors 3
Samurai Warriors: Katana
Wii Fit Plus
Lego Pirates of the Caribbean
Cake Mania: In the Mix
Tiger Woods Golf 2011
Mario Cart
Legend of Zelda:  Skyward Sword

XBox 360 Games:
Portal 2
Dead Rising 2: Zombiex edition
You Dont Know Jack
Hunted: The Demon’s Forge
L.A. Noire
Gears of War 2
Red Faction: Armageddon

PS3 Games:
Mortal Kombat 9
COD: Black Ops
Dead Rising 2
NCAA 2012
Uncharted Drake’s Fortune

Playstation 3, SOCOM 4: U.S. Navy Seals Playstation Move Bundle

Our lovely contacts at EA, Valve, Rockstar and Bethesda should be able to help us out, and I did run into Seth Killian from Capcom at E3 this year (community manager for Capcom Unity).  He was a big fan of the idea of Operation Supply Drop as he had a brother deployed downrange not too long ago, so that should help with the copies of Dead Rising.

That being said, we’re going to need some cash!  So, please forward this around to everyone with a wallet and get them to click on the Chipin link on the front right hand side of either Front Towards Gamer.com and Operation Supply Drop.org to make a tiny donation to getting these troops some video games!