Crappy Game


2011 is a huge year for gaming: Nintendo and Sony will release their new handhelds this year and there are a plethora of brilliant titles being released this holiday season. This year is going to be great, but the only way games have progressed this far is by trial and error. When developers get it right they produce such gems as Portal but when they get it wrong the outcomes are horrendous disasters. The following games will make you question the reason of their existence and make you wonder how they were created in the 21st century as real games.

For the purpose of giving other games a fair chance to be the worst I’ve excluded movie-based games, TV-based games, online only and downloadable only titles.

These are, in my opinion, the worst games released during 2000-2010.

5. Damnation (2009)


Damantion is a third person shooter and has you playing as a man called Rourke who’s on a quest across a “war torn, compactly industrialized America” to stop the overruling dictator. Damnation started off as an Unreal Tournament 2004 mod and damn well should have stayed that way.

The main mechanics of the game consist of shooting and climbing/platforming sections. Damnation does both of these things poorly; the aiming system is extremely clunky and can sometimes just become over-responsive and the controls are O.K at best, with an unconventional reload button of clicking the left stick, which is very awkward when in the middle of a fire fight. During the climbing sections the camera can be a real pain and doesn’t control particularly well.

All of these factors lead to a game that’s relentlessly poor in quality and just isn’t fun.

4. Quantum Theory (2010)

Quantum Theory

Quantum Theory tries to be an absolute shameless rip off of Gears of War and fails, at everything. The “story” follows Syd and Filena, I use the word ‘story’ loosely because it consists of the protagonists fighting against a group of mysterious towers. Yes, towers, as in generally stationary, tall buildings.

The aiming system in this game is really terrible and the environments are excruciatingly dull. The enemies are profusely unvaried, the level design seems to repeat itself across most of the game and the trudge through the campaign is detestable. The ONLY remotely good thing about the game is the throwing mechanic were Syd throws Filena at enemies. Apart from that there are no redeeming qualities.

3. Power Gig: Rise of the SixString (2010)

Power Gig

Power Gig: Rise of the SixString is a ridiculous title because it suggests that there are going to be other Power Gig games. The game comes with a scaled down guitar compatible with the game, there are no cheaper alternative Power Gig plastic guitars. As a regular guitar the sound quality is poor and it has a plastic fret board which leads to even poorer sounding chords. As a controller, the strings make an irritating noise while playing when the dampener has to be added and a lot of times the right chords don’t register. For this you have the pleasure of paying $180.

If the guitar wasn’t bad enough words cannot describe the inadequacy of the drums, it’s a virtual deck you’re not meant to hit! Just take a look:

Power Gig Drums

This is how you're literally supposed to play it

2. Rogue Warrior (2009)

Rogue Warrior

This game is pure garbage through and through so I’ll sum this up quickly.

The cover system – broken; enemies can shoot through cover, even solid walls, and kill you.

The stealth kills – exploitable; you’re invincible during the stealth kill animation and can do it from any position, even from in front of an enemy who’s shooting at you. You can literally go through most of the game just by stealth killing.

A.I – broken; enemies are incompetent and sometimes don’t do anything as you shoot and kill them.

Graphics – poor; for a game released in 2009 it barely holds up against PS2/Xbox games.

Length – abysmal; it will take you under 2 hour to finish the campaign and there is absolutely nobody on multiplayer so that’s all you’re getting.

Here’s, honestly, the best part of the game; the song during the credits:


1. Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing (2003)

Big Rigs

The fact this game existed as a full retail game is a disgrace and shows there was a level of game developing below ‘literally not doing anything’.

It disgusts me to talk about this game so I’ll hand it over to a brief video summary of what it does wrong if you skip to 3 minutes in (spoiler alert: it does everything wrong, including existing)


This is not only the worst game of last decade but possibly one of worst games of all time, which is why it’s number 1 on the list.

All I have to say to this game is: “well done, you piece of s#!t, you’ll never know how much I hate you.”

To conclude I’ll leave a video of Gamespot’s review showing the effects of playing Big Rigs: