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Operation Supply Drop’s GREASE GUN: A New Challenger Approaches: THQ

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It’s easy to get discouraged about wanting to send donations to the troops on the proverbial front lines, especially after the news that our care package, code name PLASMA CUTTER, was destroyed by an improvised explosive device in Helmand.  But we must push forward and keep doing what we do.  If anything, this should bolster our resolve to help these troopers who are actually in the fight every day, like our getting pictures back from code name LITTLE HAMMER yesterday.

So, happily, we have made contact with THQ with our latest care package, code named GREASE GUN, and they have decided to help us out with this latest wish list.  As You Don’t Know Jack and Red Faction: Armageddon are published by them and were requested by Mike and Hugo in Iraq, they donated both titles to this care package, and I received them on my doorstep yesterday afternoon.  So big thanks to our new friends at THQ; I’m sure once Saints Row: The Third releases, that’s all we’ll be getting on wish lists!

We’re putting the finishing touches on GREASE GUN, but it’s not too late to help out!  Forward this around to everyone with a wallet and get them to click on the Chipin link on the front right hand side of either Front Towards Gamer.com and Operation Supply Drop.org to make a tiny, tax deductable Paypal donation to getting these troops some video games!