Operation Supply Drop’s next care package, GREASE GUN, is getting wrapped up and getting sent to Hugo and his team over in Iraq! I think I’m getting a little overzealous when it comes to putting these care packages together; these packages are getting more and more absurdly large with each iteration.  I think I may have to cap future packages or something.  That being said, at least this is going to a section of folks, men and women alike, so a whole bunch of troopers will be getting some fun out of it.

Check this bad boy out.  If this one gets blown up like PLASMA CUTTER…although it does look like we’ll be getting some of the insurance money back from that little fiasco.  Fingers still remain crossed, but I’m not holding my breath.


Ironically, our round-and-round with Microsoft’s charity outreach netted us a strange…add-on for this care package.  Apparently, the PR representative had a few titles within arms’ reach and dropped a copy of Lips: Number One Hits into the mix, complete with microphone.  I believe soldiers can be some of the bravest individuals out there, but I’d be interested to see how these hard chargers handle a little Xbox 360 karaoke.

We also are including an original Xbox with a stack of older games in the mix.  Someone sent a nicely wrapped classic Xbox they apparently were done with, complete with a “Duke” controller.  Good thing they did as well, as the Playstation 3 I scored for cheap was not sent with the power cord (complaint filed, thanks Amazon), but the Xbox has a cord that works in the Playstation!  Who would have thought?

Holy care package, Batman!

Well, these things don’t happen by themselves!  Help us keep building these care packages by clicking on the link on the right hand side of the front page of either Front Towards or Operation Supply to make a tax deductible Paypal donation to help us build the next one!

Got some old games or gear you want to get out of your life?  Send them our way and we’ll make sure they get put in a future care package so troops can get some use out of them!

Thanks for all your help with this one!  We’ve got another monster charity announcement coming out shortly…and this time, we’re bringing reinforcements!

  • Duc748s

    As a Member of the Armed Forces I would like to say thank you to you guys for doing this. Little things like this really matter to a lot of members while deployed, so please continue your support. It really does matter.