I apologize now for the nightmares this picture will cause later.

Inspired partially from my last top ten and a conversation from one of the few podcasts I listen to, this list came to be. Before we begin, we must answer a question: what does “anthropomorphic” mean? In short, it means an animal with human qualities; they may walk on two legs, speak a language, and be generally humanlike. Apparently, not everyone knows that.

Now that that’s done, let’s get this show on the road.

10. Tom Nook

animal crossing

The Animal: Raccoon

The Game: Animal Crossing Series

Tom Nook does more for the Animal Crossing player than any other character. The man gives you a job, loans you money, and even helps get you a house. Plus, the guy owns the town store, supplying all the “animal crossers” (that’s what they’re called, right?) with everything they need. Unfortunately, the guy does become the godfather of the town, as all your money from mortgage payments and supplies expenses go straight to him. But hey, that’s why he’s only at #10.

9. Roger


The Animal: Kangaroo

The Game: Tekken Series

Imagine using Ricky from the handheld Zelda games for more than just jumping over pits. You still get the boxing gloves and all the agility, but now he’s a fighting game character. That’s Roger. Sure, Tekken has Kuma, but he’s just a bear. It’s got Panda, but he’s just a panda (duh). It’s even got Alex, which is a f**king T-rex with boxing gloves. While that last one may seem a better pick, keep in mind that Roger – a kangaroo – lives in Australia. Stereotypes will always win, people.

8. Red XIII

final fantasty 7

The Animal: Unnamed Feline

The Game: Final Fantasy VII

Red XII stands out on this list as the only non-biped. He also stands out in his Final Fantasy VII appearance. If a talking lion (close enough) isn’t cool enough for you, let’s go over some facts. First, he’s one of the last of his kind. Second, he was originally captured so that he could breed with Aerith. That’s right, Final Fantasy buffs – this guy was cool enough to bang your beloved Aerith.

7. Max

sam & max

The Animal: Rabbit

The Game: Sam & Max Series

The Sam & Max series is known for two things: point-and-click gameplay and humor. The latter is due almost entirely to Sam’s rabbit partner Max. There were so many lines in The Devil’s Playhouse alone that make him one of gaming’s funniest characters. Besides his humor, cute little Max also walks around with a magnum. Yes, Max is a funny rabbit with a gun. You jealous?

6. Fox McCloud


The Animal: Fox

The Game: StarFox Series

There are so many reasons why Fox makes this list. StarFox‘s popularity is a factor, of course. Who doesn’t like watching animals pilot spaceships? Since Slippy is just plain stupid, Peppy can only ask us to do barrel rolls, and Falco is a douche, Fox is the only logical choice here. His appearances in the Smash Bros. series only add to his fame: he’s one of the game’s most popular characters.

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