GamesCom 2011 Cologne News

GamesCom, the E3 of Europe is in full swing, and Microsoft kicked things off this morning with their “Play Day” event, and the first news is beginning to come through:

  • Trenched, the Xbox Live game by Double Fine, will launch in Europe under the title Iron Brigade (ring any bells . . . Steel Battalion?) in September.
  • For those that like to get their funk on, Dance Central 2 will be released in Europe on the 21st of October. The tracklist will include Lady Gaga, Enrique Inglasias, and Daftpunk.
  • And Kinect Sports: Season 2 will launch October 25th in Europe. Not excited? Well, you get to play darts and tennis! Riveting!

The event has only just begun so expect more news soon on games like Halo: Anniversary, Gears of War 3, and Forza 4. All of which are playable at the event, all I can say is: jealous!