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Okay, so the video isn’t the greatest looking thing out there.  That’s sometimes what happens when you’re a one-man camera crew on the Penny Arcade Expo floor.

What happens? Sh#t happens.

The important things are:

1) I got to speak to industry writing legend Chet Faliszek from Valve.  Remember Portal, Left 4 Dead and HalfLife? He helped write ’em.

2) We got to chat about Valve’s upcoming reboot of their classic shooter, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, and I get to ask him where the iron sites are on my M4.  He then slaps me and tells me I’ve grown weak in the face of all the “bro” shooters out there; to “man up” and play a real shooter.

Editor’s note: We unfortunately didn’t get that part on tape, but you’ll just have to believe us that that happened.