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Gears of War 3 seemed the perfect pick for this gamernight: blood, guts and brilliant multiplayer. As it turns out it was; we had almost 15 people show up in total including some of our friends over at ZTGD.com.

We kicked things off pretty quickly, with a group of 10 playing private Team Deathmatch, leading to some pretty intense competition as the two teams battled it out. This was added to by a crazy thing known in some countries as ‘tactics’ resulting in ambushes and coordinated assaults, despite this one arsehole who kept ignoring everything and just running into combat (me).

After awhile more people began to join and we split the lobbies, ending up with one group playing more private matches and another dabbling in the real world and going public. We recognised that our new found super-weapon also known as ‘tactics’ might be of some advantage in objective based games so we decided to try our hand at King of the Hill. Big mistake. It soon became clear that the opposing team was also using tactics (and hence cheating, only we’re allowed to use tactics) explaining the next four or so games, which they won by a comfortable margin.

Oh, and apologies to Batman5273 for dropping the giant clock on his head during a Team Deathmatch on Thrashball Arena.

Either way, we all (I think) had a great time. Thank you once again to everyone who showed up, and an extra shoutout to the ZTGD guys who turned up. Unfortunately, I decided (read: forgot) to take down everyone’s names, so here are the few that I can remember:

1. JohnDubyaUK (ZTGD)

2. mmmfutter (ZTGD)

3. Shanghai Six (FTG)

4. Batman5273 (FTG)

5. Smikey1123 (FTG)

6. PhilOsyfee (FTG)

7. AmigoSniped

8. StraVltg (FTG)

9. Boxing Marco (GamesRadar, I think)

10. Yours truly (FTG)

And many, many more!

We’ll see you next month for even more online gaming debauchery!