What could be considered the Weird Al’s “Biggest Ball of Twine in Minnesota” equivalent of a video game care package, Operation Supply Drop‘s care package code named DRAGON PUNCH has reached epic proportions.  Sure, it’s good marketing to say, “It’s gigantically enormous!” or “It’s the biggest care package we’ve sent out to date!”, but that’s exactly what it is.


To give you an idea of just how big this freakin’ monster was:

  • It took approximately four hours (three complete playthroughs of Trivium’s new “In Waves” album) to organize, inventory and then pack this beast.
  • The US Post Office will not send anything over 70 pounds; my wife and I went to the post office TWICE after removing a bunch of gear and it still weighed over 70 pounds.
  • We had to take the care package to a veterinarians’ office and use their giant scale because the post office’s scale zeroes out at 70 pounds.
  • The final, two box shipping weight was a staggering 93 pounds which cost a combined $187 of shipping alone.


The absolute lesson here is just because we get a whole mess of donations doesn’t mean it all needs to go out in one package.  DRAGON PUNCH could have been split several ways and made several platoons very happy, but we wanted to make sure we set new records with this care package because of our joint fundraising operation with the good folks over at GameCrush.  Update: Gamecrush co-founder Eric Strasser called to tell me they’d received 305 micro donation “gifts” towards this care package for a grand total $610 worth of donations for DRAGON PUNCH!  Big thanks go out to Eric and all the gals at GameCrush!

On top of that, thanks to a chance meeting of Joystiq’s Justin McElroy at the Penny Arcade Expo Press Room, the charity landed on Joystiq’s front page for the better part of a week, which definitely got us a serious bump in both cash and physical donations.

Sliding in literally the day I was packing the care package, I reached out to our friends at Robot Entertainment (Orcs Must Die) and The Behemoth (Castle Crashers) to see if I could grab codes for their downloadable titles, to which they obliged as I was updating the Xbox with the latest firmware update.

So, lesson learned: smaller packages + faster turn around times = more happy campers.


As usual, we’re not one to rest on our laurels, so we’re already gearing up for our next care package, code named SCORPION TAIL in honor of our new friends over at Warner Bros for their generous donation of copies of Mortal Kombat and FEAR 3.

I’m currently waiting on usable pictures back from the guys in Afghanistan to post the announcement.  Until the announcement goes live, help us keep building these care packages by clicking on the Chipin link on the right hand side of the front page of either Front Towards Gamer.com or Operation Supply Drop.org to make a tax deductible Paypal donation to help us build the next one!

Got some old games or gear you want to get out of your life?  Send them our way and we’ll make sure they get put in a future care package so troops can get some use out of them!

Okay, back to punching my own face off in Dark Souls.