It amazes me how carried away we can get on the podcast sometimes. I don’t understand the things that seem to flow out of our mouths in the sequence the do, but in the end it is the name of entertainment! Das Kalk is back with us for another week as we try not to go to far over the top. Too bad we did anyway! Emdee cracks the whip to keep us in line, but in the end conforms to the madness.

Topics jumbling around this week include:

  • How twisted is Charlie and the Chocolate Factory?
  • AOL’s developed an unmanned data center. How smart is this?
  • Google’s being audited by the Man!
  • Blizzard’s server blade auction.
  • Das Kalk discusses his new iPhone 4s and Toy Soldiers: Cold War.
  • Emdee’s time with the GP2X Caanoo.
  • Continuing Diablo 3 beta discussion.
  • Guess what? The SOE hack saga continues!
  • The iCloud and iPhone 4s sales are not so smooth…
  • Why and how did Blackberry’s internet service go down?
  • Got a PS3? Keep it more up to date than we do.
  • And all the normal off-topic insanity.

Until next week folks!