In a move that perhaps perplexes fans of Marvel comics, Fox has decided to buy an hour long drama based on the character of Frank Castle, better known as The Punisher. Developed by ABC Studios, The Punisher will be the fifth live-action television show produced by the studio. The Incredible Hulk, Cloak & Dagger, AKA Jessica Jones and Mockingbird being the other four. However, this is the first to be sold outside of the ABC family. The pilot, which has been given a commitment to film, puts a different spin on Marvel’s most well-known vigilante: Castle is instead a detective that rises through the ranks of the New York Police Department during the day, but the “justly corrective” force known as The Punisher by night. It will be built as a police procedural style show, brought to us by Ed Bernero (Criminal Minds).

What makes it even more troubling is that it was Fox that picked it up. As a viewer, it is going to be awkward seeing two shows from opposing comic titans on the same channel. While not a big deal, I can easily see Fox dumping The Punisher for The Spectre or vice versa. Let us not forget, that only in the last season Fox dumped Human Target, a Vertigo adaptation, that had been heavily modified from the original premise. Low ratings lead them to do a reboot of the show for the second season even. How they could get rid of a show as entertaining as Human Target though, boggles my mind. Especially when you have a fantastic actor like Jackie Earle Haley playing such an interesting role. I digress, but given the track record with Fox and anything resembling genre television can you blame me? We’ll just have to cross our fingers and hope Frank Castle has as much vengeance as ever.

Source – Deadline

  • Batman5273

    Wow, I hope this is good, personally I hope the put it on FX so they can swear and be a bit graphic in nature.

    • Anonymous

      he just didnt have the “force” to deal with it >_>