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I’ve become a real stickler for headsets recently, and not even so much for the sound quality, but the entire package (wireless, extra boxes, voice chat, comfort, etc).  In this case, I wanted to try a wireless option; my man cave is riddled with wires running everywhere, so if I could find a reasonable gaming headset without cables, I know my wife would be thrilled.

So how did Logitech’s high end wireless option from Best Buy do?

A Pair of Pillows

One of the most critical parts of a hardcore gamer’s headset is comfort.  If I’m going to have a pair of headphones glued to my ears for eight hours, they’d better not start hurting after three.  The F540s are a damn dream; the cups rest gently against your head, cushioning your ears softly.  I spent several 6-7 hour sessions on Dark Souls without “ear fatigue” or pain in the slightest.

Built By Ferrari

I’m not sure who designed this headset, but the thing is a design masterpiece as far as headsets go. Every plastic piece attached to the headset is flexible and is able to rotate independently of each other; even looking at the headphones, they even look great in their grey plastic molding.   No matter how large your brain bucket is, these headphones will adjust seamlessly to fit.

The other nice thing is that all the controls for audio and microphone volume are all on the ear cups.  While it takes awhile fumbling around the left cup to find the power button or which of the rolling buttons is your volume when you have the headset on, once you get the hang of the layout, it’s pretty sweet.  Pair that with a microphone that you can tuck away into the headband when you’re not using it and a red light that you can clearly see on the end of your microphone when you mute yourself, and this headset is tres sexy while maintaining functionality.

Two Channel Audio

I’m getting particularly tired of mid-range headphones that don’t allow for optical or HDMI audio.  I should not be forced to play my game in 720p (or worse, standard definition, ugh) in order to use a pair of gaming headphones.  I should not have to specially order a 360 composite cable, use a knife to break the casing off in order to fit an HDMI cable AND a composite cable into the back of my 360 (nice engineering job, Microsoft) just so I can use both connections.  The Logitech F540s are red/white analog audio, meaning you have to get creative with your console connections…and of course, only two channel audio.

Look Ma, No Wires!

I’ve tried a variety of wireless headsets with varying degrees of success.  The fact I was able to take the trash out with my headset on (yeah, I did that, stop laughing) and still hear the “pause game” audio…that’s a strong signal.  To be honest, I have no idea how it could possibly be that strong.

The downside, of course, is without wires means that you are tethered by battery life.  Fortunately, the F540s have a solid battery life, lasting about 10 hours on a full charge.  You can play with the charger plugged into the headset, but that kind of negates the idea behind wireless.

A Million Headsets

What you’re paying the premium price for here is the wireless option, as opposed to 5.1 or 7.1 in-ear audio.  Sure, I’d love the bigger, more robust audio, but I’ve never had a decent wireless headset as effective as the F540s.  I’m sure you can find a better rig out there, but I imagine you’d also be leaning into the $200 range.  For the money you’re putting out for a commercial product, you’ve got a damn fine pair of gaming headphones here.