You may have heard of a certain website named Indie Royale a couple weeks back. For those who haven’t, Indie Royale is a website which, every 2 weeks, launches a bundle of indie games for a very special, very low price. 2 weeks ago their first bundle was successfully released and proved to be very popular: over the course of  5 days, the Bundle was bought over 37,000 times!

In their first bundle, the games included were:

A.R.E.S. Extinction Agenda 

Gemini Rue


and Nimbus

The way the site works is quite different from anything else; the bundle begins at a very low price: 1.47 Euros. With time and with every purchase, the price rises and can only be knocked back down if someone pays more than the minimum price for the bundle. This gives people the incentive to buy as early as possible and rewards everyone when an act of generosity is made.

Now, Indie Royale just released their 2nd bundle entitled “The Difficult 2nd Bundle” which includes the following indie games:


Fate of the World


and Ben There, Dan That! and Time Gentlemen, Please!

This is definitely the weekend’s best deal so, what are you waiting for? Go to Indie Royale right now to get the best deal out of this! Remember that this offer is only valid for the next five days.

If these games don’t seem like your cup of tea maybe the next bundle may be worthy of your attention: entitled “The Really BIG Bundle” I can’t wait to find out what goodies it will include!