In a bit of news that truly saddens me to the core, it was announced that the on-going Farscape comic series put out through BOOM! Studios came to an end with issue 24. Now this shouldn’t come as a shock to those who are fans of the series. We’ve been dealt this heartache not once, but twice during the life of the television show.

Now before anyone goes on to start another Save Farscape campaign, let me remind you that we’re lucky to have another look into the universe after the television series conclusion with The Peacekeeper Wars. While it wasn’t nearly what the originally promised season five would have been, it was a conclusion nonetheless. When it was announced that Farscape would live on in its comics, ‘Scapers as a whole were beyond thrilled. When we learned that it was going to be tied to canon as Rockne S. O’Bannon would be involved, along with Keith R.A. de Candido (author of the tie-in novel, House of Cards), there was no doubt that the series would pick up right where we left off. What we probably never expected was that it would lead to a three year run, along with seven other mini-series books.

Don’t be too disappointed in the wrap up of the series though. It had a fantastic run, even if it did leave us with some unanswered questions. However, that doesn’t mean it will be the end. Remember that BOOM! Studios were the second company to run a Farscape comic (after WildStorm). As with all sci-fi shows, death is never really the end in comics. It’s possible that down the line we might see another run of mini-series from BOOM! or even another publisher (webcomic anyone?). Be thankful, given the state of the comic industry, that we were blessed with even a little more Farscape. For now, let us look up towards the future. Maybe now The Jim Henson Company can get on those webisodes they’ve been promising for years.

On a side note- If you’ve been waiting to buy the full series once it hit Blu-ray, you are in luck. The collection just hit store shelves on 11/15, right in time for your favorite ‘Scaper’s holiday gift.

Source – BOOM! Studios / Irish Comic News