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For most, the Major League Gaming circuit is a mysterious land of twitch-reflex fifteen year olds with sponsor deals with Doritos and Hot Pockets.  Every now and again, its good to dip your toes in the wading pool of the undercurrent of what’s going on at these events, and Shanghai Six brings in community support staff for  MLG, Aaron “Implicit” Smith to discuss just what went on this year and what we can look forward to for next year’s season!

For intro/outro, Shanghai is down for the count with this black lung, so ChaingunPope, Batman5273 and audio editor dingledodie77 take the reins and discuss their Black Friday deals, a potential Sony all-star brawler, and the rights infringing Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA).

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Stephen “Shanghai Six” Machuga: (@ShanghaiSix)
Tony “ChaingunPope” Wilson (@Chaingunpope)
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Audio Editing:
“dingledodie” : (@dingledodie77)

Intro Music: “Bulls of Parade” (chiptune) by Dakota Clark
Interview Segment: “Silly Job Interview” by Monty Python’s Flying Circus
Community Segment Music: “Fansong” by Dethklok
Outro Music: “To Be Loved” by Papa Roach
“Ectasy Kids” by GroundVision
“In the Shadows”, “Temper Temper” and “The Konami Code” by ONEWHITENOISE
“Waiting Song” and “Space” by Sweethammer

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