As the site artist for Front Towards Gamer, I always find myself on the lookout for great pics to use for articles, signature graphics, backgrounds, or anything else I can Photoshop someone’s goofy ass head on. I have compiled an awesome collection of Gears of War Hi-Res character models used by Epic Games’ Art Director, Chris Perna.

What makes these so fantastic for you artistic “Gear Heads” out there, is that each pic is large and at full resolution. The models are on a black background so if you want to isolate the character it is much easier than if it had an actual environmental background.  If you are looking for some cosplay inspiration, the gallery is pretty in depth with everyone’s favorite characters from the COG, the Locust and even the Lambent.

So even if you are not Photoshop savvy or don’t have an artistic bone in your body, please just take this time to enjoy the hard work the guys at Epic Games put into the heroes and villains of the Gears Universe. Enjoy!


  • Bryan Ward

    awesome, I am thinking about doing a Gears 3 drawing, so these will help out a lot.