You can thank our new friends at for inspiring this little rant. I signed up for the new forums recently and, being me, instantly had a look at the PC forum. Right away, I found a topic where someone was trying to argue how expensive PC gaming is and it isn’t really worth it.

Now, now.. settle down, my fellow mouse jockies. We all know a trolling thread when we see one, but one of the one-liners thrown out there really caught my attention. The poster proceeded to ask us to ask why no one talks about consoles dying when the PC always has to have conversations about it’s eminent demise, and this is what I would like to visit today. It is so dumb, it just begs to be cleared up.

There are several problems with saying PC gaming is dying. First and foremost is that you are talking about not a platform, but an entire style of gaming. And as long as people want to play at a desk with a monitor, a keyboard and a mouse, that style of gaming will be alive and well. This is true for gaming on a computer, gaming on a console (also a style, since we are not choosing a console, just (probably) on a couch with a controller in your hand), or even card or table-top gaming. Styles don’t die. They can go niche, but they don’t die. So please, gamers, do me a favor, and stop trying to claim one game-style is dead or another is.

Second, we have seen MANY consoles die already. Every time a new generation comes out, we see the old fade to memory and get replaced. PCs don’t do this only because our hardware and software changes gradually instead of all at once. This is also why we play on a platform where you can (possibly needing to put in effort, but likely now GOG took care of you) play a library ranging from at least 20 years ago all the way to this very day. The hardware/software changes are gradual and open-ended enough for fans to figure out how to keep it working. This is why we have great utilities like DOSBox, an MS-DOS emulator to allow the earliest stuff to work on today’s modern OSs. In console-land, however, each generation is a completely new and exciting jump, usually leaving all the old behind for the new. In essence, the previous generation dies to make room. But the STYLE of gaming, the key point we are talking about here, lives on and often gets better for the new power injected into it.

Third, and perhaps most shocking to X-bots, this stupidity of wanting to know when something will finally going to die does go both ways. It just isn’t called dying. It’s called “the last console generation.” Every time some idiot asks how many more generations consoles will continue to exist, they are basically drawing the same doomsday scenario for consoles that is done every time some idiots wonders if PC gaming is dying. This too needs to quit, since there will always be another console so long as there is a demand for playing games while in the living room. (And there may be a combination soon if Steam lives up to their word on one of their newest projects.)

Long story short, nothing’s dying. They can not by the very nature of what they are. Trying to start fights over the web on it just becomes even dumber because of the complete lack of point. So please… trolls… just stop. You’re obvious, and frankly wasting space on forums for actually good conversation.

Thank you.