Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, the long awaited but never forgotten, third game in the True Crime series has returned. But with a new name and company backing it!

Under the new title Sleeping Dogs, you control Wei Shen, an undercover cop looking to take down the ruthless Hong Kong Triads. Square Enix London and United Front Games intend to weave a tale of intrigue, morality, and action unlike anything seen before amongst a sprawling Hong Kong landscape.

From what the few assets have already shown, it seems as though this new team know EXACTLY what gamers want from a spiritual sequel to True Crime. Tons of martial arts combat, street racing, and bullets flying to make the real Triads jealous! General Manager of Square Enix London assures us that the experience will be something special for gamers:

From the moment you pick up the controller and experience the blend of driving, close combat and shooting you know you’re playing something fresh and a bit special.

While no other details are known at the moment concerning a release date, other than a “second half of 2012” window expectation, know that when it does hit the shelves, you can get it on PS3, 360, and even PC! The True Crime series has had it laughs, and up-and-downs over the years, and Sleeping Dogs intends to bring back the good times and memories we once had so many years ago. Here’s hoping Square Enix London and United Front Games can deliver and not make us put this dog down.

  • Shanghai Six

    I actually am excited for this…I liked the original True Crime, but Square Enix?

    • Zabu-san

      They’re STRICTLY publishing it, United Front Games are in charge of development! Worry not…

  • Anonymous