When you get three people of slightly different aptitudes and attitudes about popular topics on one podcast, sometimes the result is pretty entertaining. This week is a prime example! Join Draeno and I in welcoming Das Kalk back to our podcast! We discuss revising the Mass Effect novel and the nature of fluid canon in fiction (list of changes here), Craigslist $100k donation to the Perl community, Kingdoms of Amalur and their project ten dollar perspective, Oklahoma’s 1% tax initiative on teen and up rated games, RIAA versus OPEN, 343 Industry’s announcement of the Halo statistical API discontinuation, and Bungie stopping the rendering of Halo:Reach clips.

Plus, of course, our normal random meanderings. Happy one year anniversary of the 20 Sides of Nerd Podcast!

Pro Tip- Piezo by Rogue Ameoba is currently not compatible with the X.7.3 patch to OSX Lion to record Skype. Audio Hijack Pro is, but you have to insure the “instant capture” extension is installed! Knowing is half the battle.