Square Enix has been a master company when it comes to creating RPGs with amazing characters, settings, and stories since they were first brought about as a publisher/developer. While the Final Fantasy series will always be their biggest franchise assumedly, another series that actually manages to borrow from both Final Fantasy and of all other franchises, Disney, the Kingdom Hearts series has managed to flourish among multiple consoles and companies. Sora and company are back in the 9th installment of the Kingdom Heart series, Kingdom Heart 3D, and if you couldn’t guess from the title this installment will be hitting the 3DS. Picking up right where Kingdom Hearts: Coded left off, Sora and Riku have been summoned by King Mikey to go through the Mark of Mastery Exam given by Yen Sid in order to stop an oncoming threat. To do this they must go to different sleeping “worlds” and awaken them through their keyholes before the monsters, Dream Eaters, plaguing them get to the keyholes first. If they succeed they will be named Keyblade Masters.


The trailer starts with a bit of cinematic, setting up the base story for the game. Along with scenes from what look like previous games, and boss battles. Most if not all of the first few minutes of this trailer has already been seen through the previously released trailer, that are already subbed:


With this trailer, however, we do get a look at some new cinematic video, including a look at some of the new worlds that Riku and Sora must awaken. In each Kingdom Hearts game a new group of Disney characters and their worlds are introduced. In Dream Drop Distance it looks like you can expect Disney favorites such as The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Pinocchio, The Three Musketeers, Fantasia (Sorcerer Mikey), along with some newer characters, like the most recent Tron movie, and Square Enix’s TWEWY (The World Ends With You) cast replacing the usual Final Fantasy group.

With a taste of who to expect the trailer jumps into some gameplay elements that are planned for the 3DS. Naturally this includes the touch screen and how they plan on implementing it into both story and combat scenarios. Using the touch screen in this game during combat seems integral to things like boss fights, in a fashion of touching corresponding points in order to defeat them. Though what triggers these touch activities isn’t yet clear. Along with the ability to, what looks like, collect and play with Spirits, the good Dream Eaters, with the touch pad they are trying to make it a key part of the game rather than simply using it for something as simple as an unresponsive map that some games are guilty of.

After gameplay comes some new cinematic content, that at parts delves a little deeper in to previous trailers, and adding new story content as well. Setting up the deep story that Kingdom Hearts brings to the table can be arduous, especially with the constant plot hooks, character changes, character deaths/rebirths, and limits to amount they can put in these games it’s good to see them keep the plot moving at a reasonable pace while still managing to keep it so completely enthralling to the audience they make it for.

Kingdom Hearts has grown into one of the most endearing franchises of it’s time, and only appears to be gaining momentum. With new Disney characters, combat moves, and the same story you’ve loved previously what do you think of the newest teaser? At the very end Square Enix leaves a release date, along with what looks to be a limited edition Kingdom Hearts system to come out as well. Are you willing to buy a 3DS if you get the rocking Kingdom Heart design? What if it comes as a bundle? What are you most looking forward to most with this latest installment to the series? What do you hope they manage to change, or keep the same? Share in the comments below!

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    So excited for this. KH is my favorite series of all time, and BBS was pretty damn good on the PSP. Can’t wait to see what they pull off on the 3DS.