You didn’t read it wrong, folks. Every generation of Pokémon games has three titles. The two opposite colored games, and then a third game that has the best of both of those games. It’s been the case with Pokémon Yellow, Crystal, Emerald, and Platinum, so it wasn’t crazy for us to guess that the third game in this generation of Pokémon games would be (boringly enough) Pokémon Grey. Well, that isn’t the case. Coming this June for Japan, you’ll be seeing Pokémon Black 2, along with Pokémon White 2, according to the release poster above. Let’s just pray we’ll get our hands on these titles sometime this year.  Confirmed by the official Pokémon website, it’s not clear whether this is an iteration on Pokémon Black and White, as the American website touts with “version”, or not.

pokemon_white_2_box_artHere’s what the scans tell us, first and foremost. To start, it’s coming out on DS, and not 3DS, which is sort of expected, as Gamefreak always wants the biggest market for their Pokémon games, without a doubt. Hopefully the games could work like Game Boy Color games did, and the 3DS could have certain features exclusive to it, seeing as there were some clear 3D-esque effects in Pokémon Black and White to begin with. Also, the legendary pokémon revealed look like amalgamations of Pokémon Black and White mascots, Reshiram and Zekrom, and Kyurem, the legendary pokemon connected in Reshiram and Zekrom’s story. Allegedly, these amalgamations are just forms of Kyurem, and not a fusion of sorts, though anything’s possible.

pokemon_black_2_box_artThe Pokémon series has most of its flak in the perception that the Pokémon games tend to not change much from generation to generation, which is a valid argument. However, having direct sequels to a previous Pokémon duo isn’t the change everyone had wanted. However, there have been some honest questions posed, like if this is a sequel to Black and White, or if it’s a whole new story altogether? Only time can tell.