Mega-Man-Pac-Man - Street Fighter X TekkenThe two roundest arcade heroes will be making guest appearances in Street Fighter X Tekken for PS3 and PS Vita.

Mega-Man’s robust frame caused quite the stir. In an interview with Siliconera, producer Yoshinori Ono explained the design decision:

Mega Man’s… aged since his picture was taken and used in the US box art. It’s been 25 years since, after all. Just like how one’s father may look different in photos taken 25 years ago and today, Mega Man’s outward appearance has changed…We decided to do it like this after consulting with Mega Man’s creator Keiji Inafune who left Capcom last year. Story-wise, like all other characters in the game, he is looking to acquire Pandora for a specific reason.

What is that reason? Well Capcom have released the prologues for a bunch of characters, including Mega Man and Pac-Man, which you can watch below:

Both Mega Man and Pac-Man have their own signature moves and fighting style (even though a certain bulbous someone is flouncing about on Mokujin during battles), as well as having their own prologue and ending, so make sure to hop on to the Sony Entertainment Network to get the free codes for them!

We also have the trailers for Asuka and Lili, Julia and Bob, Dhalsim and Sagat, & Rolento and Ibuki:

Asuka and Lili

Julia and Bob

Dhalsim and Sagat

Rolento and Ibuki

Street Fighter X Tekken is out March 6 in North America and March 9 in Europe.