Facebook games, whether some people like the idea or not, have become a part of the gaming world. Some games casual, like Farmville, and some being a bit more for the “hardcore” audience. Dungeon Overlord is one of the games that fits into the latter of the categories. The multiplayer competitive strategy game has been up and running since it’s beta last PAX Prime, and it looks like Night Owl Games is ready to up the ante with a new expansion/update to the game called The Succubus Stories. This update not only offers a plethora of new features being introduced to the game, but also expands on already included aspects of the game that hopes to increase gameplay in both initial and end game.

Dungeon Overlord is a strategy game where you assume the role of an evil overlord hiding in the base of a mountain, amassing in army with intention of ruling the world around them. Using your Goblin minions, its your job as overlord to create and upgrade your dungeon to battle the outside world This includes both PvE quests and extensive PvP combat with not only your Facebook friends, but everyone playing Dungeon Overlord. Initially the end game content consisted of using your army and dungeon to wreak havoc on the “Overworld” by building new dungeons, raiding settlements and fighting any other players you may encounter. With this newest update new players get a more complete and fresh game, and veteran players have new content to look forward to.


The Succubus Stories starts for new players, with you as the overlord, waking up to find your dungeon ransacked and having to start your dungeon anew. Guided by the Succubus and her Goblin allies you must rebuild your dungeon to it’s former glory, destroy the “Nemesis,” and finally conquer the Heart of the Mountain. This new storyline sets up good steps for new players to learn the basics and get your dungeon started right. For the experienced players this update adds massive amounts of replay value, along with repeatable quests the focus on Dungeon Overlord’s end game PvP content that the game is known for.

“The feedback from fans since launch has been fantastic, but one thing we keep hearing is GIVE US MORE,” says Chris Mayer, CEO, Night Owl Games.  “The Succubus Stories adds a huge amount of content to keep even our most fanatic players occupied.  The new quest line for beginners will make it even easier for brand new fans that may have not played this type of hardcore strategy game before.” That’s not all that Night Owl has decided to unveil though. Along with this gameplay update Dungeon Overlord also has a surprise making it’s way to PAX East this year; a mobile app for the timed features of the game.


The “Planned Mobile Manager” application for both iPhone and Android allows you to keep that extra close eye on what exactly is happening in you dungeon. Use it to make sure those lazy Goblins are running as ragged as an overlord of your stature should be making them. Features this app will bolster include:


  • Event Manager: Notifies players of incoming attacks, messages and other events.
  • Crafting Manager: Build creature beds and skill modifying furniture.
  • Creature Manager: Level-up your minions.
  • Research Manager: Unlock features and abilities.
  • Resource Manager: Collect the resources.
  • Shipping Manager: Send resources from one Dungeon to another.


This feature is rather unique for something like a Facebook game. It gives you a whole new management device for when you’re away from your PC. Make sure if you’re headed to PAX East this year to make a stop at the Night Owl booth to take a look at what they have in store for this game. If you are interested in trying the game out head here and start building you army.