dream eaters, 3DS, square enix

Some new Famitsu scores have recently come to light, one of which is for Kindgom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance. For those unaware of how Famitsu rates games, it’s a simple process: 4 separate reviewers rate the game on a 10-point scale, and all 4 scores are combined for a total out of 40. Kingdom Hearts 3D received two 10’s and two 9’s for a total 38/40.

There was concern among fans about the quality of this KH title, but that should hopefully be put to rest now. In fact, 3D has actually scored higher than its predecessor Birth by Sleep. Fans can rest easy knowing another quality title from Square Enix is on the way.

Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance hits Japanese store shelves on March 29. Though no specific date has been set for North American or European releases, Square is aiming for this summer. Until then, expect more coverage from us as new info becomes available.