GTA VA friend of an ex-Rockstar North employee leaked a ton of GTA V details on the GameSpot forums under the username Gloggle. The post was quickly taken down, but an article on managed to get a copy of the text before it was taken down.

Here is the post in its entirety:


I am a friend of someone who recently got sacked from RockStar North for general misconduct. Because one contract to RockStar covered everything, including secrecy, and his contractual obligaton was now removed, he was legally allowed to spill the beans on Rockstar’s upcoming GTA V. And he is making damn sure everyone knows about it.

Here is the info you really want:

1. The protagonist will be one character, and one character alone. His name is (as some rumours said) Albert De Silva. He’s a half hispanic man who was once part of a crime family in Vice City. He decided to settle down and have kids in Los Santos. He has one son called Kevin De Silva who is your stereotypical CoD player. He’s lazy, useless and shouts racial abuse online and is really into FPS games. Kevin does admire his Dad though.

2. Multiplayer will hold 32 people on the Xbox and PS3. I wasn’t told how many were able to be on the PC. Just like in RDR, players will be able to form Gangs. These gangs are not ranked through XP anymore, but via Reputation. Instead of gang hideouts, you can do jobs that range from robbing a launderette to breaking into a military base and stealing state-of-the-art weaponary. The Gang leader has much more control over his or her gang by being able to rank members of their gang and setting more specific objectives to specific members of their gang. Gangs can have their own terratory but this only applies to areas inside the city of Los Santos.

3. The map is about 5x as large as the GTA IV map and the City of Los Santos takes up just under half of this area (so it’s a bit bigger than 2 GTA IV Liberty Cities).

The map is (like most GTAs) seperated into three different sections. 4. Planes are flyable, they range from World War 2 fighter planes to Private Jets.

5. Cars and guns are customisable to an extent, for example, you can cusomise a gun to have a supressor on it and you can install nitrous into cars.

Here’s some stuff you might like:

1. The protagonist is the “rich guy” from the GTA V debut trailer. You get to learn more about this man in the second when he talks about his troubles. You only see the protagonist twice in the trailer. First time is the side of his face and second time is when he is driving a Deceptor (Audi R8). The people robbing the jewellery store are just with the protagonist. He is driving the van ready to get away.

2. Gunfights are more realistic. When you are shooting a gun out of a window of a car, depending on how fast it’s going you will have troubles aiming due to shaking cameras.

3. The game is due in May 2013. A more specific date has not been decided because the game is still needing 6 months to be fully developed. They will have a playable demo at E3.

4. Police chases are now way more than either running or driving. Depending on how wanted you are, police may bring out riot shields and flash bangs.

5. When someone reaches 4 star wanted level, there will be a radio warning on some stations.

6. Radio stations now do traffic reports that are actually correct. So if you don’t know what route to take, you can check the traffic reports on your phone or the radio.

7. The in-game TV now has many more channels

8. The protagonist DOES NOT die unlike in the last two Rockstar games.

9. The underworld actually has a working economy that you can contribute to by buying and selling drugs, weapons and illegal cars in single player.

10. The protagonist can take drugs which will have some effects. But smoking weed on the streetwalk will lead to getting a one star wanted level.

11. Police cars will go after you if you’re obviousely breaking the speed limit. Having high speed crashes will also damage your health.

Wanted levels:

1 star – police follow you on foot and try to make an arrest. No sirens, no car chases (unless you are speeding).

2 star – police will still attempt to make an arrest. If a weapon is drawn then the police will begin opening fire. Police will use stun guns if a weapon is not drawn.

3 star – Chases begin and the police don’t care how they stop you, they just want to do it.

4 star – road traps, radio stations and much more hostile police.Even when you have evaded them, they will still search for 24 in-game hours for someone matching your description.

5 star – shoot to kill, arrest only if it’s made very possible. Even when you have evaded them, they will still search for 48 in-game hours for someone matching your description. Few missions become unavailable if you are wanted.

6 star – military vehicles come after you. Even when you have evaded them, they will still search for 72 in-game hours for someone matching your description. Some missions become unavailable if you are wanted.”

What do you think? Is this real or is it just an internet troll seeking attention? The answer will only come in time, but, in the meantime, we would love to hear your thoughts!


  • Batman5273

    I’m curious to come back to this article when the game comes out to see the legitimacy of the “friend”

  • fsda

    nothing too new or revolutionary sounding here. the economy and more realistic gunfights do sound interesting though.

  • Ryan T Valz

    I just want the game to come out so I can play it. I’ll discover all the good stuff for myself

  • Nemanja Filipovic

    I am praying that this is true cause it is awsoome

  • Jonathan Hersey

    sounds… ok… Not that revolutionary like IV was… sigh

  • King_Arthore1

    Would be nice if you get chased and then handed out traffic tickets for minor infractions. Needless to say evading such minor offences and getting caught would lead to some jail time. To be more realistic any arrests would be in your history and will eventually determine how your wanted level progresses.

  • DignifiedTick

    This is bullshit. Spill the beans? Albert as the main character? We’ve had names like Tommy, CJ and Niko, all fearful names…”My name is Albert and I’m gonna kick your ass, son!”. Seriously? I’m a HUGE fanboy for the Xbox 360 but I doubt there’s gonna be 32 players. Why didn’t they do that for the upcoming Max Payne 3, then? They’ve been working on GTA IV for around 4 years and probably hitting 5 years seeing we won’t see GTA for another year.

    ”8. The protagonist DOES NOT die unlike in the last two Rockstar games.”
    Such as? R* games or the GTA series? CJ and Niko are still alive. Last R* games would be RDR, where John Martson dies but his son is the new pro. The other game would be L.A Noire but that was produced by Team Bondi, not R*.

    ”9. The underworld actually has a working economy that you can contribute to by buying and selling drugs, weapons and illegal cars in single player.”

    As crazy R* are (see:Hot Coffee), they’ll NEVER include purchase of drugs. Stealing them, sure, but buying? Probably just a black bag. I also doubt we can take drugs. This ain’t Saints Row 2. R* aren’t stupid. They won’t make it like the Mafia series where speeding will get you pulled over. People will complain about that. GTA was always about big explosives, going big, not going slow. Seeing they’re taking back the sandbox genre with a ”new San Andreas”, I doubt they’ll make a speed limit.

    This article is BULLSHIT. Written by a 13 year old with surprisingly good grammar and good ideas but for the wrong game. Get your facts straight, get to know R* and how they work. I’ve been following them since GTA 2 back in 1999. As other comments say, I’m bookmarking this and come back to comment once the game comes out to call you out on your lying ass.

    ”What do you think? Is this real or is it just an internet troll seeking attention?”

    So a ”friend” says all that and you yourself are doubting him…still you’re posting this crap all detailed. I can’t wait for GTA V comes out not only for the best game for the current-gen consoles before we get next-gen but also to write to whoever runs this place and say you got big-ass false info and jumped the hype train and rode bitch.

    • George Canova

      While I agree with basically everything you said, you have the whole friend thing backwards. The guy who posted this article isn’t the guy who originally wrote this, so it wasn’t HIS friend who supposedly got fired. The guy who “leaked” the details had a friend who got fired. The guy who posted the post here is doubting the original poster. Confusing I know, but someone like yourself should have seen the change from italics back to regular font, thereby creating a separation in writers.

      • DignifiedTick

        Someone like myself did see the difference in fonts. I said ”So a ”friend” says all that and you yourself are doubting him…still you’re posting this crap all detailed”. I know who posted it and a friend of someone fired from R*. Why would the friend know details about a game made by a company that ask everyone to be quite about the details?

        So the guy got fired from his job…depressed and gets drunk with his friend and BY CHANCE ”spills the bean” on his new project to his friend. ”I got fired *hick*, making a new game…GTA 5. GTA 5, man! 32 players in the lobby *hick* and new cop system.”

        The friend wrote all this down and, for some weird reason, this info can only be found on this website I’ve never heard about? Why not IGN,, Gamespot? Maybe the ”friend” knows this site or knows someone here but people from IGN can actually pay for info like this.

        I won’t argue because it’s bringing nothing to the table. The fact is still there; this article is bullshit. Wonder what I think of this and what I write about?

        Now the site isn’t as fancy or paid for as it was started by a friend but I make sure, if writing by facts or theory, I at least try to make it sound not like total bullshit. Thanks for your response, George.

  • Marius Sørum Moe Speider


  • Adrian Nedelcu

    Sounds kind of silly really… by gearing everything to be more “realistic” they’ve kind of taken all the fun out of a stunt-filled murder party. If the wanted meter readings are true, then it won’t really cause more immersion, just being more pissed off as you’re forced to bumble around and kill valuable free time (which as an adult few of us have) to meet the game’s realism meter.

    How many of us actually enjoyed having to routinely call imaginary people and set up play dates in GTA 4 just to stay on their good side and get a discount? Or having to sit through the same plastic mannequin strip club animation loops when there’s a perfectly real person sitting on the couch trying not to laugh.

  • lstavailnn

    This sounds excellent! Whether it’s true or not remains to be seen.

  • Ryan Murray

    i do miss flying cars

  • Arthur Stayonthagrind Arnold

    All this sounds good and true gta 5 is goin to be the best game this year