Activision, Afghanistan, bioware, black jack, blackjack, Call of Duty, charity, charity event, charity gaming marathon, counterstrike, counterstrike GO, cowboy, Darksiders, Darksiders 2, DMZILLA, EA, electronic arts, epic, Epic Games, front towards gamer, FTG, gameplay footage, gamer night, Gamernight, gaming charity, gaming marathon, Gears of War 3, global offensive, jatosin, kalypso, Mass Effect 3, military charity, modern warfare 3, Multiplayer, operation enduring freedom, operation supply drop, OSD, roid rage rob, shanghai six, stravltg, THQ, video game charity, Video Games Sodding hell, how in the hell did I not post this when we got the pictures back?  LaSean and his crew got all the gear we sent them for the code name SILVER AEGIS care package and were nice enough to send us some pictures almost three weeks ago at this point!

Well, actually, I’ll tell you how, we’ve been busy as hell with both the Front Towards Gamer two year anniversary event a few weeks back and then turning around and banging out the charity gamernight last weekend for care package code name BLACK JACK.  There just aren’t enough hours in the day!

Next month, we’ll be doing another charity raffle/gamernight in the same vein, only the swag up for grabs will be a variety of Mass Effect gear donated by Bioware.  We’ll make the formal announcement after this next video game care package goes out this weekend, but as you are part of our loyal following actually reading this post, here’s a sneak peek at what we’re going to be raffling off next month for the boys deployed overseas:

battlefield 3, Chaos Eater, Charity Raffle, Darksiders, FTG Gamer Night, Gears of War 3, gotham city impostors, Mass Effect 3, modern warfare 3, operation supply drop, THQ

And finally, some capture from the “Match of the Night” (see also: the game that Shanghai did the best in), which stars Jatosin, Roid Rage Rob, StraVltg and myself pulling an amazing come from behind victory in the last few seconds of the Modern Warfare 3 Dropzone match with a surprise final kill ending.  Good times, glad I caught it on tape (come on, people eight views? Really?)



  • Noel Kang

    this song is ‘Uprising’ Wow~~

  • Matt Parker

    Have custom L4D2 360, play shitty COD,

  • Matias Lauriti

    why are you sending “kill games” to USARMY…

  • Jessica Mueller

    so cooooool. I wish I had a custom L4D 360!!

  • Rafaeljoaquimdasilva Silva

    sou fã d carteirinha dos games d guerra!!!!!!!

  • Rafaeljoaquimdasilva Silva

    queria poder vestir farda,do esercito mais poderoso do mundo!!!!!voçés são d+