Mass Effect 3 Rebellion

A source at Electronic Arts has let me know a bit of information concerning a future DLC pack for Bioware’s Mass Effect 3! Entitled the “Rebellion” and includes a bevy of ridiculously awesome stuff!

The “Rebellion” Multiplayer Expansion opens two new fronts against the Reapers: Firebase Jade’s jungle reservoir and Firebase Goddess on Thessia. In-game reinforcement packs now include three new weapons as well as equipment, consumables, and six new classes: Quarian Engineer and Infiltrator, Vorcha Soldier and Sentinel, Phoenix Adept and Vanguard.

  • Included are two new maps: “Firebase Jade’s” jungle reservoir & Firebase Goddess on Thessia
  • In-game reinforcements have three new weapons along with equipments/consumables
  • And the biggest surprise, 4 new classes: Vorcha Soldier & Sentinel, and Phoenix Adept & Vanguard

Oddly enough, I was told that there would also be Quarian Engineers and Infiltrators, but those classes are already in the mix. I can only assume and hope they meant Turian and it was a simple error in writing! Needless to say, I’m a sucker for Vorcha, and getting to roam around the already solid maps with them should be a blast! Not to mention that mysterious “Phoenix” class!

While no release date or price (if there is one) was annonuced, but be sure to check back with Front Towards Gamer as it looks like Bioware has several surprises still in store for Mass Effect fans!

  • Rik Dizl Ricker

    Quarian could also be male counterparts… Fans been asking for them.

    • Zabu-san

      Vorcha, Vorcha, Vorcha, VORCHA!!
      I’m so stoked for this!!

  • smikey1123

    Great, something else to feed my Mass Effect 3 addiction. It just won’t end.

  • Billy Middleton

    old news is old

    • Joe Blow Toronto

      How is this old you wanker?

      • adrenalize24

        Internet tough, I would ignore him

  • Michael Davila

    Bioware is not stupid enough to be working on other projects when the priority should be fixing the shit ending

    • jamaicob5

      Multiplayer is by a seperate team, who don’t work at all on the single player content… still, I would pay 1000 MS points for SP DLC rather than 100 for Multiplayer :(

    • Jamaal Hunt


  • Jason Weippert

    Pheonix = Protheans

    • Zabu-san

      Hmm, that’s actually a good point!
      I mean, the DLC was called “From Ashes”…


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  • Matthew Lawrence

    EA must be crazy enough to add protheans in the mix. whats the point if there not going to add collectors as well????

    this leak sounds fishy…. confusing not to meant its a multiplayer dlc. dude the dlc leak should be on the fucken ending a multiplayer dlc just means there wasting time. no offense what Im looking at the acticle and these dickheads are saying eb trying to make more shit fire when they need to fix it or more riots will continue. the dlc ending more IMPORTANT!!!!

    • Jade Paul Sagaral

      for clarification they don’t need to add collectors because collectors is a protheans if you follow the story.

      • Keith

        Two teams make the whole game, one for Single player and one for mult, which is why we are getting dlc for mult.

  • Danielle

    Yeah, I think that the Quarian Engineer & Infiltrator are going to be the male versions, like the human classes.

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  • Tim Skijwalker

    i just want some single player DLC =(

    • adrenalize24

      There will be no Single player DLC until the extended ending has been released, seeing as the single player team have been told to prioritise that, and as it wasn’t planned for there was no work done previously(where as, any planned DLC would already have assets available and have already been in an partially completed state when the game was released).

      Have a problem with that, blame anyone who decided to get all butt hurt at the last 10 minutes of the game

  • Jorge

    I agree too about quarians, they should be the males for the race and let’s see if on summer they bring what they promise, that cutscenes about the ending.

  • Cocain

    I hope this be free, otherwise is crap.

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    Meh, the EA servers are still going to suck arse regardless of additional content.

  • Stormfeather

    Along with the possibility of the quarian classes being a different gender, they could instead/as well be new skill sets, sort of like the two asari adept classes (regular adept and justicar.)

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  • Random

    Herp Derp Bioware another multiplayer DLC already? Someone’s been busy…

  • Random

    IMO Phoenix sounds more like ex-Cerberus race. Hint is the “Rebellion” name for the DLC.

  • smikey1123

    They are offering more multiplayer DLC to tide people over until the single player is done. They don’t want the same results that Batman Arkham City will have.

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