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Operation Supply Drop LITTLE GERONIMO Care Package Request from Afghanistan!

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Happy “Bin Laden Double Tap” Day!

One year ago, a small band of Navy Seals flew below the radar into “allied” airspace in Pakistan, fast roped into a compound in Abbottabad, and killed the world’s most hunted terrorist, Usama Bin Laden (UBL).

Of course, the world keeps spinning, and other extremists are there to pick up the AK-47 that Bin Laden dropped when he was “martyred”. That’s why it’s critical to provide support to our men and women who are stationed in Afghanistan, continuing to fight the good fight on the Global War on Terror.

Front Towards Gamer’s charity branch, Operation Supply Drop, builds video game care packages for troops deployed to Afghanistan, helping out those folks who are continuing to take the fight to the Jihadists in their own backyard.  Having just sent out $2000 worth of games and gear to Cowboy and his combat engineer platoon in Kabul this weekend with care package code name BLACK JACK (our 21st care package), we go right into number 22 with care package code name LITTLE GERONIMO.

The code name that the US government and military gave UBL during the operation was “GERONIMO”.  However, UBL left behind a son he was grooming to become the head of Al-Qa’ida, Hamza Bin Laden.  Hamza somehow escaped the SEAL cordon around the Bin Laden compound and is still at large, shaking his angry fist at the country that killed his daddy.  Hence, LITTLE GERONIMO, as a reminder that there are men and women deployed keeping watch on us while we’re snuggled in our beds from folks like this.

Who is this care package going to? David, an aviation battalion communications sergeant with my Airborne brothers at the 82nd Airborne Division.  Here’s his request:

Good morning Sir,
We are an aviation battalion here in support of Regional Command-East stationed in XXXXXXX.  We provide air support to all ground troops and mobility control throughout the Area of Operations.  I would like to request an Xbox and a game or two for our bay. Beggars can’t be choosers, like you say on your site ;-). Whatever you send us, sir, we will take.

Thank you very much for your support for us and our troops and for
everything you are doing for us. Have a blessed day Sir!


Well, there you have it gang!

As our incentive to open your wallets if devout patriotism and love of ‘Merica isn’t enough, we’ve got some lovely Mass Effect 2 signed swag to raffle off.  From now until our charity raffle/gamernight on the last weekend of May, for every $3 you donate to Operation Supply Drop, you earn a raffle ticket to get yourself some primo Bioware gear (example: you donate $15, you get five tickets, and so on).


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  • A Mass Effect 2 artbook, signed by the creative staff behind the Mass Effect series
  • 2 signed prints of Dragon Age 2 signed by (GASP) Miss Felicia Day (The Guild, also a part of the Dragon Age 2: Redemption live action series)
  • 2 Mass Effect 2 Miranda t-shirts

EDITOR’S NOTE: THE MASS EFFECT SIGNED SWAG RAFFLE HAS ENDED (28 May 2012), Please continue to donate though!

It’s fairly painless to make a donation.  Here’s how, four simple ways to donate:

1) Use the Chipin link on the front of Front Towards Gamer.com.  OR
2) Use the Chipin link on the front page of Operation Supply Drop.org.  OR
3) Make a Paypal donation to donations@operationsupplydrop.org.
4) If you don’t want to send cash, you can simply send your used games or gear to the following address to make the next care package:

Operation Supply Drop
9301 Alvyn Lake Circle
Bristow VA, 20136