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I always love getting these emails in my inbox, with the pictures and the thank you card attached.  Makes all the time and energy devoted into putting one of these video game care packages together.

Here’s the thank you note from medic Mikhael, who’s platoon of sappers is deployed to Afghanistan from North Carolina:

We just got back from a long mission set and were all surprised to find  a giant box sitting in our AO (area of operations). We were all pretty stoked when we saw where it was from and immediately tore into the package. It means a lot to us and we are all currently getting our gaming on since we have the next couple of days off. Thanks again for the support and putting this together for us. What you are doing for all the deployed soldiers is something spectacular! Hopefully there is something that we or at least I can do to show our appreciation to you! For now we plan on sending you a couple of our company shirts (new, don’t worry these won’t be used t-shirts lol). Again, thank you very very much. By the way, the signed copy of Gears 3 is freakin amazing, along with everything else, especially with Epic being based out of our great state of North Carolina. Haha. Thank you again!

Another day, another care package to put out.  We’ve got our May care package, code name LITTLE GERONIMO, is being built as we speak, but it needs your help to make it a success!
From now until our charity raffle/gamernight on May 26th, for every $3 you donate to Operation Supply Drop, you earn a raffle ticket to get yourself some primo Bioware gear (example: you donate $15, you get five tickets, and so on).
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  • A Mass Effect 2 artbook, signed by the creative staff behind the Mass Effect series
  • 2 signed prints of Dragon Age 2 signed by (GASP) Miss Felicia Day (The Guild, also a part of the Dragon Age 2: Redemption live action series)
  • 2 Mass Effect 2 Miranda t-shirts