Fight club, EA, Rock Band, iOS, puzzle fighter, david sirlin, steve jackson, hacker, Windows 8 DVD, PAX sales

Draeno and Emdee return for another fun filled hour of… oh, who are they kidding. It’s more of the same. Two opinionated guys try to sort out the volume of tech and gaming news that rattled all of our cages this week. On the burner this week: the EA iOS Rockband snafu, Apple not actually illegally dodging taxes, David Sirlin’s Puzzle Strike Kickstarter, Steve Jackson and Hacker, the FBI claiming they need backdoors to VOIP and other Internet protocols, Anonymous protests in the real world, why Fight Club doesn’t really work, the iPad 2 now with low power chip, Windows 8 isn’t shipping with DVD playback and why they think it is, PAX rapid ticket sales, and the iPhone and home repairs.