THQ released a new batch of screen shots for their upcoming title WWE ’13, as well as a brand new trailer that shows off one of what THQ is calling their most important features for the game, WWE Live. WWE Live is meant to make the game feel more like an actual WWE event than any other game. A new audio system boasts better crowd audio by having the crowd react to what’s happening in the ring. Bigger moves and more epic moments equal a much more enthusiastic crowd.

Along with a revamped crowd system, the commentary has gotten a rehashing as well. Two sets of commentators will be available: Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler from today’s era, and Jerry Lawler with JR from the Attitude Era. Bigger and better character models, hundreds of new animations, and all new “spectacular moments” are also here, showcasing what appears to be a much improved system.

WWE ’13 will be ready for purchase on October 30th.

[Source: THQ]