There were two parts to the God of War: Ascension demo, both the single and multiplayer components. The single player segment was the same section shown at E3 and allowed me to try out a few of Kratos’ new weapons and moves. There were three mini-bosses to fight separated by typical waves of generic weaker enemies and a climbing section. Gameplay felt a little bit different to the other God of War games with the addition of super attacks. Whenever you need a little bit of extra punch behind your attack just hold L1 and press square (light attack) or triangle (heavy attack). They take a little bit more time to execute, so you’ll have to time it right or you’ll be in danger.

god of war

The multiplayer portion of the demo was also the same version shown at E3 this year which pitted two teams of four against each other to eliminate the opposition and keep control of certain areas on the map. The game mode seems like a mix between team deathmatch and king of the hill. Kills and control of your areas earn you points, and whichever team has the most points wins. The wild card here is that there’s a Cyclops in the background of the stage and towards the end of the match the teams will be battling for the rights to kill it for bonus points. Gameplay here is quite fun and not too different to the single player campaign. You can attack, super attack, and execute enemies, but with the addition of traps anyone can activate. It’s a fun addition to the franchise but it lacks variety and doesn’t seem like something too many people will be playing months after launch.