NetherRealm Studios, developers of Mortal Kombat, has teamed up with DC to create the ultimate comic-based fighting game, and it’s definitely no Mortal Kombat vs. DC.

The two player demo only allowed us access to two stages, The Batcave and The Fortress of Solitude. They were great environments filled with a lot of detail fans of the respective comics will appreciate, but the atmosphere of the stages felt similarly dark and gritty. Hopefully the full game will add some variety.

The characters on show were Batman, Superman, The Flash, Solomon Grundy, Wonder Woman, Harley Quinn, Nightwing, and Cyborg. Every character had their own unique move-set as expected, and they all feel and play very differently to each other. They’re definitely not re-skinned Mortal Kombat characters while adhering to DC mythos. NetherRealm created really unique costume designs to give them a battle-ready look. We had a chance to play as all the characters, so I’ll give a little bit of insight into each play style.



Batman plays like you’d expect, a brawling fighting style with gadget-based moves and combos. He’s the best all-rounder so far, and most starting players will probably get to grips with him the quickest.


Superman plays mainly as a long range character with his laser vision, ice breath that knocks opponents back, and long range flying punch. Up close, he can still deal a good amount of damage, but he’ll deal a lot more if you give him space.

The Flash

Needless to say, The Flash uses speed to his advantage and is great for closing the gap between himself and the opponent to launch a flurry of attacks. The Flash is for players who will muscle-memorize all of his attacks to quickly pull off the move they need.

Solomon Grundy

Solomon Grundy is a slow-moving, heavy character that has a bigger hit box than most because of his size. With that comes the advantage of much more damage when he does hit them, and he takes less damage per hit against himself. He doesn’t have any long range moves, so this is for players that love a straight-up fist fight playing as a tank.

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is a brawler with a few weak mid-range moves to help control the flow of the game. She’s a strong fighter up close, but if your opponent can keep their distance, she won’t be dealing much damage. Players that like brawlers with some mid-range jabs will adhere to her.

Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn is a mobile, long distance fighter, keeping opponents at bay with her melee moves and using her pistols to deal damage at a distance. Players that favour long range gameplay will love Harley.


Nightwing is an agile weapon based character, using his twin sticks at close range and attaching them together to make a mid-range staff to poke enemies into submission. He’ll be used by players who use mobile characters and like to control the distance between themselves and their opponent.


Cyborg is a long and short range character with hard hitting moves but slow attacks. With Cyborg, it’s all about timing, or you won’t hit your opponent and become vunerable to attack. Players that like hard-hitting characters and are good with timing will click with him.

Catwoman was recently announced as a character, but we didn’t get to see any gameplay or try her out on the show floor.

injustice gau

On top of their move set, each character gets to activate a super move, which is a cut scene of destruction unleashed against your opponent taking away a big chunk of their health. Similarly to Mortal Kombat, the super move bar builds up when you’re taking a beating. Injustice gives both characters two health bars to give an extended fight. Though there was only one round per fight, I’m sure there will be an option for more rounds in the full game.

NetherRealm really went all-out to create their own versions of the classic heroes and villains in a major brawl. This is definitely one of the best-looking and playing fighting games we’ve played, and we doubt fighting game fans and fans of the characters will be disappointed come launch day.