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What is wrong with the people over at Twistel Pixel?  The Austin-based studio must be having peyote-based drum circles out there in the Texas desert where they come up with the ideas for their games, and LocoCycle seems to be no different.  Apparently based off the vehicle kung-fu as seen in the Fast and the Furious bump off with motorcycles, Torque, LocoCycle seems to be about an experimental super motorcycle that short circuits and escapes the laboratory to do…something.  Story beats are a bit vague right now, but what IS known is that I.R.I.S. (the super motorcycle) is dragging her mechanic impossibly behind her for what can be presumed to be the whole game.  Ah, the Twistel Pixel touch: things breaking out of experimental laboratories and madness.

Anyway, Shanghai Six sits down with the guy who brought the world “Everybody Loves Donuts” from Twistel Pixel’s breakout hit, ‘Splosion Man, Matt “Chainsaw” Chaney to try and decipher what LocoCycle is about, his role in the game, and the big budget voice talent they were able to secure for it!