Many gamers will remember the hit XBLA title Joe Danger, with its cartoony visuals that nicely complimented its flashy stunt man gameplay. Those, and many more, should be excited to know that Hello Games, the indie developers behind the original, have announced the sequel, Joe Danger 2 The MovieLook for Joe Danger’s highly anticipated sequel to hit XBLA on September 14th. As Hello Games’ managing director Sean Murray said, “The launch of Joe Danger 2 The Movie on September 14 will provide fans a new chapter with our iconic hero.”

Though small, Hello Games crafted something unique and enjoyable with the original Joe Danger. It should come as no surprise that for Joe Danger 2 The Movie, the developer is pushing their now growing series further, “supporting features like global level sharing and online ghosts of everybody who has ever played the Joe Danger games.” The new game will feature around 100 new scenes for gamers to motor through, and over 20 different vehicles to do it with. All this will give players around 40 hours or more of gameplay to enjoy.

To make fans of the original even more intrigued and to draw in those that haven’t experience it, Hello Games is offering Joe Danger Special Edition for only 600 microsoft point on XBLA in anticipation for the release of Joe Danger 2 The Movie. Remember to look for the much wanted sequel on Xbox LIVE Arcade on September 14th for 1200 microsoft points. You can check out some more screenshots below, showcasing the crazy gameplay.

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