Article by FTG Contributor Robert Beach

When Dead Island was first announced, it shook the gaming world with its haunting backward CGI Trailer in 2011. However, upon release, there was a general consensus of disappointment as glitches, bugs, and creative complaints held back the open-world zombie smacker. Despite being a part of the unsatisfied crowd, I look forward to how Techland will improve with a sequel in 2013.

Riptide continues where the first ended, escaping the island to safety in a helicopter, only for chaos to come when they land on a military ship in the middle of a massive storm. The four personalities from the original return to yet another zombie filled island, so it goes without saying, it retains the “Dead Island” name. Additionally, those measly 1 MB or less of save data from the first will be used toward your character in the sequel, giving an XP boost reward for returning players.

Dead Island Riptide comes out for the PC, PS3 and 360 sometime in 2013.