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PAX Prime 2012: Orc Attack Preview

Title screen

Article by FTG Contributor Robert Beach


Castle Crashers sprung out as this crude but stylish 2D medieval hack and slash and took over couch co-op on the emerging Xbox Live Arcade. Orc Attack comes out with the same theme in a 3D playing field, only with disgusting Orcs as the 4 protagonists. Pablo Martin, Managing Director at Casual Brothers, and I played an early level and chatted about the game. Oh and one more thing, in his game he didn’t ask me, but he commanded me to fart.

First thing I noticed was how “subtle” it was with its mana abilities. You have a flatulence mana bar, which functions like a normal bar only these are magical gases emitting. On the Xbox 360 build, I was farting and burping with my character, Doc Turd. My developer partner controlled Sir Sniff, and we ransacked human encampments with a powerful combination of his explosive farts with my fire breath, and created a putrid satisfaction.

He compared his game to the original Shrek, an ogre living his life happily until humans intervened and impeded on his land. Portraying ugly and menacing characters and making you sympathize with them, thus flipping the heroic roles.  Orc Attack does it with a fun loving group of Orcs whom later turn insanely bloodthirsty when humans expand their property.

Lord Poop and Friar Krap

Each of the four characters have light and heavy attacks with giant maces, axes, clevers, and hammers. Dropped items, like shields and swords can be equipped to further bash human skulls. The Orcs wield 2 of each weapon and combine them to form a two handed staff out of axes or hammers (Much like Nightwing’s Dual Sticks/Staff of DC Comics). Additionally, you can charge the attacks obviously for more damage.

Co-op is a big part of the fun. Sure some may tire of using bodily gases to repel humans, but you can also hop on top of other Orcs and attack from their shoulder. To make use of one of the previously stated co-op features, some enemies require a heightened approach to knock off their helmets. Another special enemy, the archers, fire arrows at us to slowly bleed our health bar with an arrow implanted in us, thus we rolled to break the projectile.  Not a hard game to handle, but when an Orc is down, we rumbled the thumbstick to pound the ground, reviving the downed companion.

Screen shot

The final game is said to feature 25 levels and four characters with every level to have some sort of boss fight at the end. If they were to finalize the game now, like Magrunner, they will create a Kickstarter Campaign (next month) for the possibility to help fund for more levels and playable characters. The Kickstarter could make for the said standard price point of $15, more worthwhile.

Rather include more areas; I would love to see the game patched up. As of the showing, the game has more bugs than the four fecal named Orcs. With that “cleverly” said, Casual Brothers eased my concerns for now since they haven’t gone into QA (quality assurance) in their development process.

So far I can only see the combat becoming repetitive in the final product with only a 5-7 minute check out. Skeptical, yes, but with the inclusion of stores to buy upgrades and combos, on top of the grotesque combat, I’m curious to see how it will pan out. Orc Attack is due to release before Christmas of this year on XBLA, PSN, and Steam Greenlight.